Natural Perfumes

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Veritas MELIS natural perfume

Veritas (truth)

Amandi MELIS 100% natural perfume with flowers

Amandi (loving)

Imperium MELIS 100% natural perfume with flower

Imperium (empowered)


Sensuali (sensual)


Motus No.7 (motivate)


Moudh (mood)


NATIVUS Spiritus (spirited)


NATIVUS Terra (earth)

Veritas MELIS natural perfume sample

Individual Samples

Discovery Set vegan friendly natural perfume with packaging

Discovery Set ‘Olivia’ Collection

MELIS Nativus Sample Set

NATIVUS Sample Set


Experience Nature's inherent truth & purity.

Our greatest intention, via meditation, is infused into every drop of our
perfume oils to inspire connection with the Divine.