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Our debut Olivia Collection is inspired by the Founder’s late and dear friend Olivia who epitomised style, elegance, depth of character, love and pure beauty. Her passing inspired the birth of MELIS and its sophisticated, approachable and spirited collection of parfum concentrated oils, pure attars and eau de parfums including:
Veritas, Amandi, Imperium, Sensuali, Motus No 7, Moudh, Gratia, Divinitus

100% natural 100% intentional.

Inspired by Australia’s ancient land, its wisdom and gifts of wild native botanical ingredients including quandong and wattle seed and Australian grown sandalwood, palmarosa, peppermint and citrus. NATIVUS bestows beautifully fragrant, long-lasting genderless 'parfum' concentrated oils and eau de parfums with complexity and a proud sense of place. The collection includes:
- Nativus Spiritus
- Nativus Terra

100% natural 100% intentional.

linen eye pillow on face

Our ritual collection is designed to inspire a parfum oil practice and to help you unlock the potent power of scent as you journey inwards
The MELIS bespoke cushions, eye pillows, incense burners and beads are hand made by selected soulful artisans in the majestic Margaret River region of Western Australia and include:
- Cotton filled meditation cushion sets
- Faux fur, linen and hemp silk eye pillows filled with organic flax seeds
- 'The Bubble' incense burner made exclusively for MELIS
- Hand-rolled Hojari Frankincense incense
- Asta Lander artisanal prayer beads

Our body collection of oils and soap is designed to enhance your chosen MELIS perfume’s sillage and durability providing a longer lasting and more enriched natural perfume experience. All body oils and soap bars are hand made by MELIS in the majestic Margaret River region of Western Australia. Our body oils are available in the following signature MELIS scents:

- Amandi
- Sensuali
- Motus (Motus No 7)
- Spiritus (Nativus Spiritus)
- Terra (Nativus Terra)

100% natural 100% intentional.

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