Attar Perfume Oil

Feel One with Divinity with Our Attar Perfume Oil

There is always more to fashion than what meets the eye. Perfume completes, enhances and compliments an individual’s personality. It is like a touch of personal magic providing an everlasting impression. One of the purest perfume known to mankind is the attar. Also known as "Ittar", Attars are highly concentrated and revered perfumes. Melis Natural Perumery provides you with the best natural attars.

Our attar perfume oil is made using the purest concentrates at the pinnacle of natural perfumery ingredients. Our attar perfumes at wholesale prices are presented in a delicate 5ml bottle that promotes its sacred use and application. Attar is a rare perfume oil made by distilling delicate flowers in specific proportions and capturing their essences in base oils. Attars perfume oil lasts for a very long time on the skin.The body’s natural warmth and heat intensifies its smell.

Our purest ingredient for natural attars include sustainably farmed and aged Indian sandalwood, Bulgarian Rose and pure sweet Jasmine. Our attar perfume wholesale collection includes;


With our natural attar Divinitus, you can reconnect with the divine and elevate yourself. The most exquisite pure Jasmine and Indian sandalwood come together to make this sacred attar perfume oil. The exotic, euphoric and enchantingly sweet scent melds into your skin's natural aroma and creates a unique signature scent.


Gratia attar perfume oil is the perfect balance of two rare pure attars that inspire grace and femininity. The Bulgarian Rosa Damascena holds the silken notes of thousands of petals. The sustainably farmed Indian sandalwood provides a soft, sweet, woody base note that remains uniform and sublime. Create your own unique fragrance with our Gratia attar perfume at wholesale price.

Natural Attars from Melis Perfumery make you feel beautiful, rare and precious. You can either gift yourself or to a special loved one.

Experience Nature's inherent truth & purity.

Our greatest intention, via meditation, is infused into every drop of our
perfume oils to inspire connection with the Divine.