Meet the Founder

My whole life’s journey has led to me finding my truth. At 43, I am getting closer!


“It is my wish that MELIS becomes part of your daily life and supports you to discover and connect with your inner beauty and infinite wisdom. May it nurture and inspire you to live consciously with intent.”

Melissa Italiano

My Story

MELIS is inspired both by my idyllic childhood amongst animals and bushland in the south west of WA and subsequent journey as a young adult challenged with caring for my mother and divorce, whilst trying to attain corporate and material success.

During this time I felt a disconnect at my reliance on external drivers for validation and the "need-to-achieve" drive that was increasingly alienating me from my inner world and personal truth.

Having developed a dedicated my-sore yoga practice and appreciating all things natural, I knew it was time for a deeper study of energy medicine, meditation and aromatherapy kinesiology. These experiences ushered in a period of calm, culminating in the creation of my own family and sea change to 'nature rich' Margaret River in Australia's majestic South West.

It was when I was pregnant with my first child that I discovered the power of botanicals, essential oils and natural remedies and turned away from 'normalised' chemicals and synthetics. After birthing and cleansing my system, I could no longer tolerate "synthetic" fragrance and went on a search for a sophisticated natural perfume to find very few existed globally.

It was time to be bold and to merge my extensive sensory experience gained from marketing wine globally, with my energy medicine studies, and to bestow on others how natural scent helped realign my world. Numerous perfumery courses later and the sale of an investment property allowed for the birth of MELIS.

MELIS celebrates the power of intention and my passion to share the influence that scent can have over positively and consciously choosing our life's path and desires and how it can be an effective tool for making these intentions a reality.

It is my wish that 'MELIS Moments' become part of your daily life and supports you to discover and connect with your inner beauty and infinite wisdom. May it nurture and inspire you to journey naturally with conscious intent.

With Love,



PS: Ruby is my fur baby and the latest addition to our family

With Gratitude...

Thank you to the beautiful community of people that have helped me bring MELIS to life. I’m blessed to work with people that share similar values. These people seem to flow into my life at just the right time.

Kat Snowden of Clean Slate is one of these special people. Her senses are phenomenal and can be appreciated by way of her generous spirit and exquisite formulation of the MELIS debut collection.

Genevieve & Steve Binnie from Firstnature Design for their impeccable attention to detail in developing the MELIS brand concept and packaging.

Tarsh Galbally photographer and stylist for her beautiful photography, styling and friendship.

Morgan Wolpers as the gorgeous face of MELIS’ debut collection.

Rae Fallon creator of the epic and stunningly beautiful footage housed on this web site.

Krystal Wilkie for her inspired quotes and perfume descriptors featured on the packaging and website. Krystal embodies MELIS and is perfection inside and out.

Melaney Ryan is a 4th generation energy worker and founder of the Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness. Her contribution to humanity with ITA Energy Medicine and Mahat Meditation, her support, mentoring and endless love inspires and positively impacts communities across the globe.

My dear friend Olivia whose recent passing inspired me to live my greatness. The MELIS debut collection is named after Olivia who is forever in my heart.

To my sisters, who are a mirror of my mother’s generosity and a constant support. And my beautiful mother Mary who gave me life. Forever in my heart and my guiding angel.


Journey with Intent...

The Secrets of Amandi

At the core of our best-selling fragrance Amandi, is the glorious rose geranium. All by itself, the rose geranium is intensely complex, smelling of roses, mint, herbs, spice and wood….

Getting in the Moudh – new release Oudh parfum

The powerful and captivating sustainably sourced Oudh is at the heart of our new parfum, Moudh.  Its scent takes you on a journey deep into the purest of jungles, blanketed…

Experiencing the Melis range of perfume for the first time was like stepping into heaven.

Rachel Turner