Ritual and Home


Our ritual and home collection is designed to help you unlock the potent power of scent as you journey inwards.

The MELIS bespoke cushions, eye pillows, and beads are hand made by selected artisans in the Margaret River region of Western Australia and 'The Bubble' ceramic incense burner is hand made by a local Perth ceramicist.

Room and Linen Sprays

Explore our range of beautiful scented sprays for your home or closet.

All our room scents are organic, non-aerosol and long-lasting.

Meditation Cushion Sets

Handmade in Margaret River, our firm sit cushions are designed to support your hips and knees during your scent and meditation practice at home.

Artisanal Prayer Beads

Handmade in Margaret River, each piece and bead is made with prayerful intention by renowned artist Asta Lander.

Luxury Eye Pillows

These luxurious eye pillows are handmade in Margaret River from local organic hemp silk,  natural linens and with filled with unscented organic flaxseed. A soft faux fur options is also available.

Hand Rolled Incense

These hand-rolled sticks are made with pure aromatic resins of precious Hojari Frankincense Sacra and woods sourced from Oman where the world's best quality Frankincense is grown.

'The Bubble' Ceramic Incense Burner

Our bespoke incense burner is hand made by Perth ceramicist Rozanna Johnson and is both stylish and practical, allowing zero ash to fall upon surrounding surface.

Scented Candles

MELIS scented candles are 100% natural soy wax which have been hand-poured into  sustainable ceramic candle vessels.

Gift Boxes - Limited Edition

Create your mindful ritual at home with our gift box of artisanal creations including a scented candle, room & linen scent and soap bar. Available in Summer Rose and Sensual Spice.


How to use MELIS to enhance your mood

The following technique harnesses the power of the high vibrational plant matter within MELIS and its scent to positively influence emotion through stimulation of your body’s electromagnetic field and olfactory processing system. It is a powerful technique that can either take a few moments or be extended into a meditation.

Repetition is recommended.

After sufficient repetitions and application, your chosen scent affirms the memorised feeling to your brain and energy system so that every time you smell that particular scent  the desired feeling will be evoked within your systems.

Five simple steps...

1. Select your natural scent by allowing your intuition to guide you.
2. Ground your energy by connecting to a point within the earth ~30cm below the centre of your feet and then take a moment to reflect on how you want to feel eg: calm, safe, loving, compassionate, patient.
3. Apply your chosen MELIS scent to your neck and temples. Hold the perfume near your nose and take three deep breaths.
4. As you take your breaths remember a specific time, place, event where you felt your desired feeling eg: calm, safe, loving, compassionate, patient. Visualise this memory and feel into your body exactly how it felt at that point in time.
5. Once you have taken your breaths and felt the memory, verbalise your chosen affirmation - out loud or in your head - whilst seeing yourself experiencing the feeling in the future. Remember to feel into the feeling as this is the key to this technique’s success.

Here are some examples of affirmations that can be used:
“I am safe and loved”
“I am calm and relaxed”
“I am patient and kind”
“I have clarity with my decision making”
“I am worthy of success”


Sources for five simple steps technique: Leonie Gully, Moonhaven Clinical Aromatherapist and Melaney Ryan, Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness


Experience inherent truth and purity.

Our greatest intention, via meditation, is infused into every drop of our
perfume oils to inspire connection with the Divine.