Our ritual collection is designed to inspire a parfum oil practice and to help you unlock the potent power of scent as you journey inwards. The MELIS bespoke cushions, eye pillows, incense burner and beads are hand made by selected soulful artisans in the majestic Margaret River region of Western Australia

Meditation Cushion Sets

Handmade in Margaret River, our firm sit cushions are designed to support your hips and knees during your scent and meditation practice at home.

Hand Rolled Incense

We have sourced the best hand-rolled natural Frankincense Incense Sticks from Oman where the world's best quality Frankincense is grown. These sticks are made with pure aromatic resins of precious Hojari Frankincense Sacra and woods.

Ceramic Incense Burner

Our bespoke incense burner is hand made by Margaret River ceramicist 'River Ceramics' and is both stylish and practical, allowing zero ash to fall upon surrounding surface.

Luxury Eye Pillows

These luxurious eye pillows are handmade in Margaret River from local organic hemp silk,  natural linens and with filled with unscented organic flaxseed. A soft faux fur options is also available.

Artisanal Prayer Beads

Handmade in Margaret River, each piece and bead is made with prayerful intention by renowned artist Asta Lander.


Meet the Artist ~
Meryl Bell

Our NATIVUS packaging features the exquisite oil paintings of one of Australia’s foremost still-life floral artists, Meryl Bell. Meryl’s desire was to bring greater awareness and appreciation of Australia’s natural environment and the need to conserve it, by capturing and sharing its unique beauty with the world. Meryl’s paintings are featured in notable private collections around the world and we share the sense of profound joy she found in Nature, that is so evident in the beautiful art she created. 

Three for Honey, 1997, oil on canvas

“Many Australian artists have made us visually aware of the vastness of landscape, the light and colours of the country, but there are also many surprises and delights to be found in the intricate structure of plants and their vibrant colouring. If my paintings make people stop for a moment to look, enjoy and wonder then I have succeeded.”

Meryl Bell

Experience inherent truth and purity.

Our greatest intention, via meditation, is infused into every drop of our
perfume oils to inspire connection with the Divine.