Natural Perfume Samples

Try out Luxurious Aromas with Natural Perfume Samples

MELIS Natural Perfumery provides an array of rare and precious organic perfume samples. Our natural perfume samples either come in a customisable set or in an individual 2.5ml vial.

Natural perfume samples from MELIS Natural Perfumery help you identify your favourite signature scent. They can also be the perfect gift. The purest of intent is infused into our organic fragrances by our Founder's meditation practice and crystal infusions. Our organic perfume samples contain no synthetic fragrances, phthalates or parabens and are cruelty-free. Our fragrances are 100% natural, 100% intentional from the pristine Margaret River region of Western Australia. Our organic perfume samples set comes with an enclosed foldout information leaflet and wrapped in custom MELIS tissue.

100% natural, plant-based and made from essential oils, absolutes, resins and pure flower essences our perfumes are created to awaken your senses. Some of our natural perfume samples include the following

The Custom Discovery Set

You can choose your own set here from our entire natural perfume collection. All you need to do is select six fragrances for inclusion in the discovery set, each fragrance comes as a 2.5ml vial and will provide a unique sensory experience. You can try each of our natural perfume samples and choose your favourite after experiencing them on your unique skin.

Nativus Sample Set

Inspired by the ancient Australian land, our Nativus collection is a genderless perfume with complexity and a proud sense of place. You can connect these two beautiful scents or make it a wonderful gift for your loved one.

Individual Samples

Don't know how to choose a natural scent? Confused with the choices? Why not try each individually. You can choose from a wide range of organic perfumes samples. Whether it is the MELIS’ Olivia’ debut collection or you want to try uniquely infused Australian botanicals, we have it all here. Introduce yourself to Melis Natural Perfumery with individual samples.

Discovery Set 'Olivia' Collection

Our 'Olivia' collection of natural perfume samples is a perfect gift choice. These natural womens and unisex perfumes come in a vial of 2.5ml (actual bottle six 3ml) and provide a sensory journey like no other.

Our organic perfume samples provide nourishment on the skin due to the organic jojoba oil base and are easily transportable providing a quick refresher during the day or evening. Their 100% plant based ingredients can also help elevate your personal vibration and energy system.

Experience Nature's inherent truth & purity.

Our greatest intention, via meditation, is infused into every drop of our
perfume oils to inspire connection with the Divine.