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Handmade in Margaret River, each piece and bead is made with prayerful intention by renowned local Sacred Artist Asta Lander. Prayer tools are a wonderful way to ground spiritual connection with the divine and can be very calming. Asta, like the Melis Founder’s late mother and grandmother values her practice of praying the rosary to the Divine Mother each morning.

These beads are a modern interpretation of the traditional Rosary and can be used in tradition or as a tool to guide your own intentional prayer, gratitude or affirmation practice. They can even be worn as a decorative yet intentional accessory.

The energy bestowed upon these beads during their six hour making and subsequent blessing can aid connection upon use.

We recommend pairing your affirmations with your favourite MELIS scent to deepen your intentional practice.

About the Artist, Asta Lander.

Deeply spiritual from early childhood Asta felt connected to the heavenly realms, angels and nature spirits. She has always had empathy for others and our shared complex human condition, the deepest compassion and friendship with animals, and a complete reverence for the natural world. Living on land in Margaret River – where the forest meets the river and sea – she is immersed in nature every day, and it brings her much tranquility and connection. To Asta everything carries a shining divine imprint – coming from,  held in, and ultimately returning to – our loving Creator Source. And as such everything needs our love and respect, and help where needed. All of Asta’s art reflects her connection to this Source of Love and desire to be an expression of that.

Asta’s mission is for her art to be a messenger of hope in times of uncertainty, grief, loss and change

A friendship and deep respect between the Melis Founder and Artist, Asta Lander has enabled this offering.



Each set of air dried clay prayer beads is unique and entirely handmade taking approximately 6 hours per set of beads. The air dried clay beads are strung onto hardy hemp cord, coated and blessed by their creator.   The beauty of each handmade prayer bead is the variety in the beads and that no two are exactly alike.

Exposure to water will cause damage.

The bead’s total length is approximately 55cm. It may be slightly shorter or longer as no two sets are alike.

The beads come in a natural fibre pouch for safe storage and transportation.


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