Scented Candle


Scented Candle

MELIS scented candles are available in two divine fragrances – Summer Rose and Sensual Spice.

Our Sensual Spice candle has a heart of rose geranium and ylang ylang with supplementary notes of lime and spice to infuse your room with a sensual atmosphere of harmony and inspiration.

For a peaceful, loving and joyous atmosphere, burn our Summer Rose candle with its pretty aromas of roses, lavender and citrus.

Our ceramic candle vessels were designed and created for MELIS by Perth ceramicist Rozanna Johnson. Inspired by nature and made from white clay, each cup is individually hand-shaped and marbled, using the nerikomi technique to mimic the striations in rocks, or the ripples in a brook. Each piece is unique with its own distinct pattern and can be re-purposed after its candle life.

We have two sizes available, the larger size has a diameter of 8.5cm and is 7.5cm tall. Burn time is approximately 40 hours. The smaller vessel is 7cm in diameter and 6m tall with a burn time of approximately 25 hours. As these are handmade, dimensions may alter slightly.

Melis candles are made locally and hand-poured using 100% natural deluxe soy wax.