Eye Pillow and Parfum – Mother’s Day Special


Melis Gift Set

Our MELIS Eye Pillows have been designed to provide calm and assist your personal self-care ritual. Paired with a favourite MELIS parfum oil, your practice can be transformed and elevated.

Lie back, apply MELIS parfum oil to your temples and neck and then place eye pillow gently over eyes to relax and journey inwards. Best applied after an intentional sitting practice in “savasana” (supine resting pose) or for relaxation in a bath, bed or even when resting on the couch. You decide when and where, just remember to breathe. #MelisMoment

The front eye-pillow fabric is a soft faux fur or linen, available in grey or cream colours and the back fabric, placed on the eye area, is a beautiful organic local hemp silk . The outer eye pillow cover on the faux fur option is removable. The inner eye pillow is 100% cotton filled with unscented organic golden flaxseeds.

This set is normally valued above $140 and makes for a very special keepsake gift.


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