Natural Perfume

Smell Exotic with Natural Organic Perfume

A perfume is an unseen, unforgettable and an ultimate accessory that provides a spark of elegance to its wearer. Melis Perfumery is renowned for providing an array of natural perfume online. We aim to provide you with 100% quality natural perfume at wholesale prices.

Our natural perfume oils are safe and created to awaken your deep senses. They contain no synthetic fragrances, phthalates or parabens and are cruelty-free. Our natural perfume online is made from essential oils, absolutes, resins and pure flower essences.

Whether you want to buy natural perfume online or gift it to your loved one, we have got you covered with our wide range of ‘parfum’ concentrated natural perfumes. Our qualified aromatherapist, natural perfumer and cosmetic chemist crafts these award winning aromas into small batches. Our perfumes are highly concentrated and long-lasting on the skin. You can view an array of natural perfume at wholesale prices.

Some of our natural organic perfume collection includes:


Awarded a silver medal in the highly acclaimed Australian Non-Toxic Awards, the Sensuali is a perfume loved by all. It is a romantic revolution for your senses and has a complex and provocative balance of aphrodisiacs and orientals like jasmine, orange blossom and amber.


Amandi inspires your greatest beauty to shine from within. This natural perfume balances and connects your senses to the divine roots of love with its geranium heart and rose and tangerine top notes.


This natural organic perfume has been blended to raise your vibration and ground your roots. This sacred scent has a woody tone entwined with floral and sweet notes to soften and lift its earthiness. Upon melding with your own natural scent, an exotic and sublime scent is revealed.


Veritas guides you to a higher vibration. With Kaffir Lime and Citrus top notes in a spicy floral base, this fragrance provides a truly refreshing and uplifting experience.


Motus No. 4 embodies masculinity – it anchors and harmonises with its stabilising, warm and spicy tones. It is one of the best natural perfumes online appreciated by both men and women.


Master the art of balance with our complex yet subtly layered musk inspired unisex scent. Its woody base notes coupled with subtle spice and elegant florals provide a wild yet pristine Western Australian coastline feel.


The unique native Australian botanicals infused into Nativus Spiritus ignites a desire for knowledge and truth within the wearer. Inspired by the spirit element, our Nativus Spiritus imbues the wearer with certainty in this uncertain world. Its breezy, airy, citrus notes and layered earthy undertones of sandalwood provide an invigorating and long lasting scent.


Nativus Terra is a tribute to Earth’s elements. It seeks to nourish and support. It is both alluring and comforting. It envelopes the wearer with a sense of stability, warmth and groundedness with hints of cacao, spice, sweet sandalwood and subtle florals.

Our greatest intention, via meditation and crystals, is infused into every drop of our perfume oils to inspire connection with the Divine. With Melis Perfumery you get to experience nature's inherent truth and purity.

Experience Nature's inherent truth & purity.

Our greatest intention, via meditation, is infused into every drop of our
perfume oils to inspire connection with the Divine.