Natural Men's Cologne and Unisex Perfumes

Leave a Mark with the Best All Natural Men's Cologne and Unisex Parfums

Perfume is an essential part of self care and grooming for both men and women. MELIS Natural Perfumery brings to you the most unique and sensual all-natural men's cologne and unsiex parfum. Choose a more classic cologne with a soft-spicy aroma or be more adventurist with a signature fragrance of greater spice and citrus notes. We curate all-natural men's cologne that not only smells heavenly but also awakens yours (and your partner's) deep sensual senses.

Fall in Love with Natural Aromas from MELIS Perfumery


Motus No. 4 embodies masculinity – it anchors and harmonises with its stabilising, warm and spicy tones. The forest floor and tobacco notes blend perfectly with hints of aged French Oak and Fir Needle to give you a classic charm.


Master the art of balance with our complex yet subtly layered musk inspired unisex scent. Its woody base notes coupled with subtle spice and elegant florals give you the perfect wild yet pristine Western Australian coastline feel.


The unique native Australian botanicals infused into Nativus Spiritus ignites a desire for knowledge and truth within the wearer. Inspired by the spirit element, our Nativus Spiritus imbues the wearer with certainty in this uncertain world. Its breezy, airy, citrus notes and layered earthy undertones provide an invigorating and long lasting scent.


Nativus Terra is a tribute to Earth’s elements. It seeks to nourish and support. It is both alluring and comforting. It envelopes the wearer with a sense of stability, warmth and groundedness with hints of cacao, spice and subtle florals.

Our all-natural men’s colognes are made from essential oils, absolutes, resins and pure flower essences. These long-lasting fragrances are free from phthalates, parabens and synthetic fragrance and are vegan. An expert aromatherapist, natural perfumer and cosmetic chemist crafts our small batches of highly concentrated all-natural men’s cologne. Our cruelty-free aromas are award-winning, long-lasting and highly sought-after by perfume aficionados across the globe.


Experience Nature's inherent truth & purity.

Our greatest intention, via meditation, is infused into every drop of our
perfume oils to inspire connection with the Divine.