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Olivia Debut Collection

For Olivia...

You went to the ground and into the sky and now from you the flowers will grow.
May you, the bearer of Melis, journey truthfully through life with our debut scents of intent.

Feel loved, Love to feel

Natural Perfume

IMPERIUM (empowered)

Imperium’s potent yet delicate, woody tone
entwines with floral, sweet notes to soften and lift
the scent’s earthiness.

AMANDI (loving)

Balanced to direct and connect your senses to
the divine root of love with top notes of geranium,
rose and tangerine, Amandi compels and conjures
natural beauty and JOY.

SENSUALI (sensual)

A complex and provocative balance of aphrodisiacs including
jasmine and orange blossom, it bewitches with its enchanting
and sensuous feminine feel.

VERITAS (truth)

An epiphany in every sense with kaffir lime
and citrus top notes in a spicy floral base.

Natural Colognes

Motus No 4 (motivate)

Motus No 4 embodies masculinity -
it anchors and harmonises with its stabilising,
warm and spicy tones.

Motus No 7 (motivate)

Mastering the art of balance,
this complex yet subtly layered scent is rich,
alluring and poised.

Pure Attars

DIVINITUS (inspired)

The most exquisite pure Jasmine and Indian Sandalwood
come together for our most sacred of attars.

GRATIA (grace)

The Bulgarian Rosa Damascena holds the silken notes of thousands of petals and is reminiscent of fresh rose petals in the mid spring breeze, so airy, suave and heavenly it almost doesn’t belong on earth.
The esteemed Indian Sandalwood provides a soft, sweet, woody base
note that remains uniform and sublime.

Experience inherent truth and purity.

Our greatest intention, via meditation, is infused into every drop of our
perfume oils to inspire connection with the Divine.