MELIS Gift Vouchers

We're excited to share with you our beautiful gift vouchers so you can gift to others their own personalised natural perfume experience.
Here's how you can purchase and redeem your gift voucher.

How can I purchase a Melis Natural Perfume gift voucher?

MELIS Natural Perfume gift vouchers can be purchased on Vouchers are available to purchase in custom amounts between $50 and $250 AUD.


I have received a beautiful MELIS Natural Perfume gift voucher. How do I redeem it?

Upon purchasing a digital MELIS gift voucher, it will be sent to your registered email by default if you do not specify another email to which it will be sent. With every voucher, you will receive a unique voucher number/coupon code. To redeem your voucher's credit, please go to, select your products add your voucher number into the ‘apply coupon’ field when checking out of the shopping cart. Upon purchasing or receiving a physical gift voucher with a parfum sample set or independently,  the same process applies. Your unique voucher number/ coupon code will be printed on the voucher.

Terms & Conditions

  • Every voucher will be accompanied by an expiry date. This will be clearly stated on the voucher. Each voucher must be used by this expiry date or the credit will become invalid. Under no circumstances will this expiry date be changed or extended.
  • These gift vouchers can only be used online at These gift vouchers are not available to use on any third party website on which MELIS is stocked or at any third party retailers.
  • Once purchased, the value assigned to each gift voucher cannot be changed.
  • These gift vouchers are not transferable or redeemable as cash.
  • If requesting a refund on products purchased by means of using the Gift Voucher, the refund amount will be treated as credit on and not a cash payout.
  • These gift vouchers can be used until the credit assigned to the voucher is used, as long as all transactions are undertaken prior to the date of expiry. For instance, if you receive a gift voucher to which $250 AUD store credit is assigned, you can use this over a series of transactions until the total credit has been spent.
  • In the instance that you are using a gift voucher with assigned credit that is less than the total value of your order, you will only be required to pay the balance of your order once the credit value has been deducted.
  • Credit assigned to gift vouchers can be spent on any item on, but will also be used to cover any shipping costs associated with your order should they occur.

We hope you enjoy your MELIS gift voucher experience!