The Secrets of Amandi

At the core of our best-selling fragrance Amandi, is the glorious rose geranium. All by itself, the rose geranium is intensely complex, smelling of roses, mint, herbs, spice and wood.


Commonly grown in many gardens, it is a plant that keeps on giving, not only for the fragrance of its leaves, but its pretty pink flowers, hardiness, ease of propagation and year-round beauty.


The aromatic oil of the rose geranium is housed in tiny glands on the base of the slightly furry hairs on the leaves and is harvested using a steam distillation method. While it is slightly zingier than pure rose oil harvested from rose petals (as in our Gratia attar), it is an invaluable ingredient in perfumery across the board.


Amandi combines four different types of geranium, sourced from France, Egypt, Africa and Madagascar.The spicy and herbal notes found in geranium are picked up and enhanced by myrrh and kaffir lime, while exotic black pepper, lifted tangerine and sweet frankincense round out this divine package.


For us, Amandi is the practice of unconditional love, beginning with self. When spraying or rolling on Amandi, we urge you to focus your mind – if only for a minute – on the practice of love and thus on a daily basis, bringing love in all its forms into your life. Amandi is now available in spray bottles as well as the original roller ball oil and a stunning perfume oil.

Pelargonium graveolens – rose geranium plant

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