The Art of Layering Scent

Perfume tradition has always held that only one fragrance should be worn at a time. However, at MELIS, we believe a curation intentionally blended for layering can provide an exciting and evolving sensory journey

When to layer?

There are so many occasions where the weather, the environment or your mood will influence how you connect with your scent, and how you want your fragrances to work for you.

For example on a blustery winter’s day, your favourite summer citrus scent may seem a little too fresh so why not layer it over deeper warmer woody notes of vetiver and musk or cedarwood? A romantic occasion may see you wanting to add some rose notes or orange flowers over the top of your usual scent.

Or a perfume you find too floral can be spiced up with a layer of exotic oudh or heavier base notes containing labdanum or patchouli. Judicious addition of vanilla and tonka bean can add some comforting sweetness.

You can also try using a scented body oil with a different perfume fragrance layered over it, to provide a deep base to the perfume.

Be playful, have fun and feel empowered layering your scent

Don’t get locked in to singular perfumes – have fun experimenting and creating your own unique signature scent! The concept of layering can become a mindful ritual empowering deeper connection to your senses and inner wisdom.

Try layering the gorgeous grounded cacao notes of our Terra Body Oil, spiced up with the lively energy of Spiritus parfum and some of our other combinations listed below. May you find much joy and beauty layering your scent with intent.

Is layering for scent the same as layering for durability?

When seeking durability (longer lasting sillage) with your natural perfume, we recommend layering with the same scent. For example if you wear MELIS Sensuali and would like to get the most out of this scent for the day or evening, try applying the  MELIS Sensuali perfumed body oil first, to your entire body after bathing, followed by application of the MELIS Sensuali parfum oil or eau de parfum to your pulse points.

Recommended MELIS layering for scent combinations ( body oil and eau de parfum or parfum oil combinations):

  •  Motus No 7 and Amandi  – Amandi enhances Motus No 7’s floral notes whilst maintaining its musk and earthy notes creating a motivating yet delicate feminine touch
  • Spiritus and Motus No 7 – Spiritus adds additional spice, earthiness and white citrus to Motus No 7’s oakmoss heart and delicate clementine citrus accord. Allow ~20-30 minutes on the skin before critiquing this combination.
  • Sensauli Body oil with Amandi eau de parfum  – this combination of florals will provide an evolution of fresh roses and orientals with the Sensuali base oil anchoring Amandi’s fresh floral top notes and musk warm finish..
  • Gratia and Terra (attar and parfum) – Terra adds some warm cacao notes to GRATIA’s sweet, floral Bulgarian Rose creating a rich, deep spiced rose and heart opening experience
  • Nativus Terra  body oil with Nativus Spiritus parfum or eau de parfum –  Spiritus brightens and provides a fresh lively energy to the nurturing grounded cacao notes of Terra




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