MELIS Perfumed Body Oils – A Botanic Nirvana

Our purer-than-pure MELIS Perfumed Body Oils slink into your skin like a charm and radiate divine fragrance that lifts your spirits.

As the first offering in our new BODY Collection, these artisan-crafted botanical oils are scented with MELIS’ five signature natural perfumes, beautiful to use solo or layer with the aligned perfume for greater fragrance longevity and all-round opulence.

The superpowers of pure botanical oils

The superpower oils that form the base of each MELIS blend and make them suitable for all skin-types, bring phenomenal gifts when they melt into your largest organ, with botanical antioxidants ahoy and many skin enhancing benefits –

  • Apricot: improves skin tone and elasticity and brightens
  • Moringa: hydrates, soothes inflammation and has anti-aging properties
  • Argan: protects from sun damage, improves wound healing and inflammation and has anti aging properties
  • Rosehip: reduces appearance of scars, corrects pigmentation and rejuvenates the skin
  • Hemp: nourishes, soothes, moisturises, reduces fine lines and reduces inflammation
  • Jojoba: balances pores and helps treat acne, eczema and psoriasis
  • Vitamin E: improves hyperpigmentation, protects against sun damage, hydrates and firms, moisturises, reduces visible signs of aging and reduces appearance of scars
  • Grapeseed: reduces inflammation and moisturises the skin
  • Sea Buckthorn: removes free radicals, moisturises and nourishes the skin

Why are body oils so popular?

Our perfumed body oils leaves your skin feeling silky and delightfully touchy-feely, as unlike many creams and lotions, they don’t contain preservatives or stabilisers that can produce an artificial layer on the skin. These sleek oils penetrate deep without being greasy or sticky.

How to use body oil

Botanical body oils love warm, damp skin, as the oils help lock in water traces on the skin surface. This makes right after bathing ideal to get gliding, but anytime is a good time to offer your skin some fragrant sustenance and a subtle sheen.

A little goes a long way, so a small pool in your palm covers a surprisingly large area.

People have revered botanical oils since ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, China and beyond, when they were considered gifts from the heavens.

For many of us, certain oils have retained their magic today, so we invite you to apply MELIS body oils mindfully with breath and intention to bring more love to your body and presence.

The body oils are available in the five MELIS signature natural perfume fragrances featuring essential oil, resins, absolutes and essences that can enhance wellbeing and promote positive feelings –

AMANDI  – loving
SENSUALI – sensual
SPIRITUS – uplifting
MOTUS – motivating
TERRA – nurturing

Our new BODY Collection features an evolved packaging design we cannot wait to share with you as we carefully curate and bring you more MELIS perfumed creations with intent!

In the next couple of months, look out for the next offering in the BODY Collection with the release of our skin-loving body bars.



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