With Intent – Episode 8
Emma Campbell

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce Emma Campbell of Find Your Spark. Emma is a connected, eloquent, deep feeling and thinking coach, helping organisations and individuals find their purpose and ultimately live a more intentional and fulfilled life. Emma is very generous during our conversation, and shares many tips to help you reconnect with your true purpose. I hope you enjoy our conversation and thank you for listening.

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Good morning Emma and welcome to the With Intent podcast. Thank you for being here.

Hello. How are you? I’m so so, so excited to be here.


And we’re excited to have you. I figured we’d better commence our podcast recording because all the good stuff will be missed if we kept talking prior to this recording.

Oh my gosh. I know. I know.


So Emma and I had not known each other before embarking on this podcast discussion, but we’ve had a really good time getting to know each other with a couple of conversations before this interview. Emma is quite remarkable and inspiring. She has two children, has just built a house, is building a business – a Find Your Spark business. And we have a lot in common. I hope you enjoy this interview where Emma shares her knowledge and provides a lot of tips about how to find your spark. As a mother, it is something that I’m  really focused on with my children, because I have read a lot about it and if we can help our children find their spark, life will flow really beautifully for them. And so Emma, that leads me to asking you if you’d share a little bit about your background and how you found your spark and  the inspiration for pursuing,  a career path in coaching others.

100%, I would love to. Thank you so much for that beautiful introduction. So where to start, where to start? That’s always the question and it’s actually such an interesting one because it’s one of those journeys that I love to go on with my clients, is helping them understand their own stories and their own story of their life. And that part of the journey of finding your spark and finding your purpose and your truth and what you’re here for often involves looking backwards, like looking backwards into your life, into what some of those big challenges have been for you in your life, those big struggles. And so often it’s some of the hardest periods in our life that actually become the greatest opportunities for growth and more often than not, I actually find that it’s those moments that are the biggest challenges in a lot of people’s lives that actually forms part of their inner why their inner purpose.

So I guess to share a little bit about my story and my journey to finding my purpose is, I had a pretty hard time with anxiety particularly when I was back in the corporate world, was when I first started getting some real challenging experiences with feelings of overwhelm, feelings of fear, just sometimes not feeling in my body and having a real intense feeling of self-consciousness, I guess is the keyword there. And I remember quite clearly sitting in one of my swivel office chairs right next to the window in a workplace that now that I can look back on it with eyes of perspective, was definitely not the place that I was meant to be. It was a real corporate environment. It was filled with quiet masculine energy, like really productivity, efficiency, KPIs, achievement, like profit, profit, profit, looking at the numbers, spreadsheets.

And absolutely nothing wrong with that sort of environment, but it wasn’t where I was meant to be. It wasn’t what I guess my energetic code is made for, because I’m a bit of a sensitive empathic kind of big love and big emotion type. So when I was in this workplace, I just remember looking out the window, getting instructions from my boss on what I needed to do and just sitting there feeling like there has be more than this. This is not what I’m here for. I know that I can do more. I know that I have more to give and I just don’t know how to get there. I don’t know how to get from where I am right now to where I want to be. And I didn’t even really know exactly what that next place was. But I did know that something just didn’t feel right for me. And everything in my body was telling me that this wasn’t the place to me by sending me all these messages of anxiety and feelings of fear.

And so I guess not realising it, but in that moment, I started my journey of self-discovery, of going on the self-development journey of reading all the books-

You became a self development junkie? 

Reading self development books facilitated Emma’s finding of her own purpose

Yeah. 100%, 100% self-development junkie, 100%. I remember Brené Brown was probably one of my first books, The Power of Vulnerability. And bit by bit, I think I went on this journey of trying to heal myself or trying to figure out what was the cause of my anxiety, because for anyone that’s suffered from anxiety, it is so debilitating. It separates you from presence. It separates you from life. And it’s a place that I really hope that no one has to be for too long a time. So a lot of my clients come to me with feelings of anxiety and it’s one of my greatest passions to be able to help them move through that because I know how horrible it can be. And I still get little moments of it even today, but my ability to bring it back and to come back to presence and the pools and the practices that I’ve learned along the way, allow me to come back to a feeling of being in my body and being present and being my true authentic self a lot faster.

So did you get to the bottom of the why? 

Yeah. Yeah. So I think I’m pretty close. So I would say probably the last four to five years has been a journey of discovering that why. And it’s funny that you asked that question because there’s a guy that I follow, which is called Joe Dispenza. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of him before, but an incredible meditation teacher and thought leader and has done quite a few books about breaking the habit of being yourself and becoming supernatural. So he said something that really stuck with me the other day. And he said, “When you feel fear, you’re not only… Fear is not the opposite of love, fear is a disconnection from love. Fear is a disconnection from love.” And that we are all love really at the heart of it, right? We are loved as human beings and we have so much love to give, and we’re all connected as human beings on this planet, and that in those moments of fear and anxiety, that what we’ve done is we’ve disconnected from loving ourselves.

And so I think my whole journey, and I think a lot of human beings’ journeys on this planet, is coming back to ourselves, right? It’s coming back to loving ourselves and also being able to love others and share that love with others. And so that… Sorry, that journey has been a process of discovering myself. And I guess coming back to re-loving and reaccepting who I actually am, because I think there was quite a big part of me that had disconnected from my true self. And that felt like she had to be someone else in the world in order to be accepted 100%, the conditioned self that society rewards and recognises, that often helps us get ahead and helps us be seen particularly in a corporate environment. There’s that certain part of you that when you’re achieving, when you’re succeeding, when you’re being really productive and hitting all the goals and coming back to the office and celebrating the 12-hour workday that you’re actually quite disconnected from your truth and  just fulfilling society’s expectation.

Well, in my experience, we can develop our self esteem and sense of wellbeing from achieving all these things external to our true nature. That’s why Melissa was born actually, because it was that moment of truth for me and I really want to share how I came back to myself. And it sounds like that’s how your business was born as well.

100%. 100%. And it’s funny how the things that we heal within ourselves and that being the greatest gifts that we can give to other people as well.

Right. Hence Find your Spark? 

Find your spark. So in the moment that I was able to start to awaken that spark within me and see the impact that it had on me. And part of that has been about coming back to my true self and really identifying with who is Emma? Who is this actual Emma? Because I think that can be one of the hardest parts in the whole journey is, we’ve spent so much of our life living this conditioned self that society loves, that our parents probably loves, that our teachers loved when we were growing up at school, that the workplace loves, that we’re really, really good at growing that conditioned self. But coming back to the good old question of, if that’s not me, if that conditioned self is not me, then who the hell am I? Who’s this person underneath all those layers? And I don’t know, I don’t know, but I feel like that’s the journey of life. It’s like that’s actually the purpose of life is to unwind those layers and to understand who that true self, who that authentic self is underneath all of that.

And in one of our previous discussions, you talked about your own childhood growing up in Wickham. And did you look back to your childlike self or clues on who the true Emma is?

What a great question. And I think unconsciously, yes, 100%. So I grew up in a tiny little country town called Wickham. And so just to give you a little bit of a visual snapshot, you can think spin effects for days, lots of red dirt, lots of rocks, kangaroos, and what I refer to as stink bombs. I don’t know if you’ve heard of those before, but when we were kids, we used to pick them out of the ground and you can throw them in any way. They explode with this kind of red dirt dust. Anyway, tiny tiny little country town. And I grew up like a real tomboy because I’m like into all sports. And my brothers were a really, really big influence in my life. So I grew up with two older brothers who are 10 years older than me.

Emma as a little girl growing up in the country

And I spent most of my childhood walking around in the bush with no shoes on. Much to my mother’s dismay, I think she really wanted me to be a girly girl, and I just wanted to walk around in the bush getting dirty. And that is me in my most natural state, in nature, it’s getting out into the earth, out into the world and having fun and connecting with people and laughing and being silly and being playful. And probably also asking some of the big questions. Because I think ever since I can ever remember, I was always asking my dad, “Dad, why are we here? Who is God? What does God mean? And who invented God?” Some of those questions. So yes, 100%, it’s a coming back to who we were before the world told us who we should be, right?

Yeah. And when we were most connected to our true state, which sounds like for you when you’re in nature in the Outback.


How beautiful?

100%. Aw, thank you.

You did mention also that you had this knowing around… Which you might’ve forgotten. And when your brothers would go off to boarding school and come back and you noticed a shift in their energy and their emotions. Can you share a little bit about that because I think that was quite poignant for you in this journey to developing and doing what you’re doing now.

Emma with her older brothers

Yeah, definitely. So it’s a really interesting one because I think like a lot of kids who have older siblings, you look up to your older siblings as your absolute heroes in life, right? Like these guys could do no wrong. These guys are just so amazing. And my brothers being 10 years older than me, they were not only my heroes, but they were like these wise enlightened, experienced, knowledgeable, strong people in my life. And we just had the best time growing up together as children until I guess that age arose that they needed to go to high school. And because we were living in Wickham the decision that my parents made was to send them to boarding school in Perth. And my family actually moved over from Africa when the boys were quite young. So they’re from South Africa and my dad’s from Zimbabwe. So they’d been through quite a lot of big changes there. I was the only Aussie born out of our family and they were going through another pretty big, significant change in their life going off to boarding school.

And what I started to notice was, and this was maybe as I was getting a bit older as well and starting to develop some self-awareness of my own. I guess some hard times were being had by the boys. They’d moved from Africa to Wickham and then into what we call the big sticks of Perth, like City Perth. And I think all of the adjustments and the struggles and the difficulties amounted to them having a pretty hard time mentally. And I remember as a kid noticing that something had changed or shifted and that they were having a pretty hard time. And I think as a pretty empathetic, quite emotional and sensitive kid, I’d really, really picked up on how they were going.

And I could really feel myself, even as a kid, really struggling to see them having a hard time and feeling really powerless in my ability to help them. I think it was in that moment, in those moments, because it’s been a bit of an ongoing journey. It was in those moments that I made it my personal mission, my personal purpose to not only heal me and heal my own journey with anxiety, but I really, really, really, really wanted to find a solution to their pain, for their struggles, for their depression. And not only them, but everyone in the world struggles with depression and anxiety. It’s not the way that we’re meant to be. We’re not supposed to feel these horrible feelings of loss and despair and disconnection. And I think my whole body just really wanted to find a solution and I didn’t know what that was. And there was a long time that I didn’t know what that was. And I remember feeling so powerless and frustrated, it really broke my heart to not be able to know how to take people’s pain away.

Wow. And you actually remember that and recall that feeling?

In an emotional way, 100%, I think now I’ve been able to put words behind it in a much more… I don’t waive. That makes sense. And I kind of fast-forward the journey to being able to move away from that corporate role that I was telling you about before and getting this incredible opportunity to join it. An old female-led, just absolutely incredible, super empowered startup that was focused on helping companies become more purposeful and more purpose-driven and help their employees find fulfilment through purpose. And my role in that company was to research all of the different ways that we could help companies find their purpose, that employees could connect with the purpose behind the mission of the business and in my research, in everything to do with the impact that purpose can have on people.

Emma with her husband, 2 children and dog

I remember really clearly this moment of hearing about what impact purpose has on people that like a little spark was lit within me. Like I had a real light bulb. Like those beautiful light bulb moments that send tingles all down your spine. Like you can actually feel your body start to come alive when you get these little hits. In that moment, I just had this knowing that this was going to be something that was going to change people’s lives, if not the world. It’s the ability to connect. And when I say purpose, because I think it can be a word that’s heard a lot or used a lot. And I just want to add some meaning and clarity behind that.

Purpose for me is about connecting to something bigger than you. It’s about connecting to something that makes your heart come alive. It’s about connecting to a cause in the world that allows you to contribute. It’s like something that you care so deeply about, that it takes you away from your own pain and your own struggles, and it helps you connect with something else in the world. So in a way, purpose is something that brings you back to love and to connecting to others. And contribution it’s about finding your thing, finding your course. It’s about finding your mission. And the more that I started to read about purpose, that beautiful opportunity to be able to give back to the world, I thought, all right, this is what’s missing in so many organisations. So many organisations and just life in general is not structured in a way to help employees feel connected to why they’re there, why their job exists and what bigger impact they’re having through their work.

So many employees out there are feeling a real sense of wanting more meaning in their roles, wanting more meaning in their lives, wanting that ability to give back, wanting that ability to really truly connect and not just from a place of like it looking good on paper, but actually feeling, really feeling like they’re actually making a difference. And it was in that moment that I knew that my purpose is going to be about helping other people find their purpose because I knew the impact that it had on me as well.

So that leads to a good segue into the next question is to how do you do that? Do you work mostly with organisations or mostly with individuals now?

Yeah, so real mix. So my work focuses on individuals who might say, be employees within an organisation. I also work with leaders of really purpose-driven organisations. So who have a purpose beyond just profit. And it’s funny just as a side note it, because I did a lot of research into these, this sort of stuff. The purpose driven organisations are actually more profitable than the profit-driven ones. So it’s also like a beautiful flow on effect.

Yeah. Because I would say, can you be purposeful and profitable at the same time? 


Because I guess if we bring it back to an energy perspective, you can understand that too, that a lot of perception would be if you’re going to focus on cause related or social issues and whatnot, then it just detracts from your main core business. And so a lot of leaders would be probably a bit reluctant to go down that path. Have you found that?

Yeah. Look, 100%, 100%, because I think a whole heap of our conditioning and our upbringing, particularly in the corporate world is focused on success equals productivity and profitability. And so all of our systems are built in a way that rewards that and think… Oh gosh, I could go on about this in so many ways, but to keep it nice and short on that topic is, when leaders are able to, first of all, understand the impact of purpose first and the impact that that can actually have on profit, not only from an organisational standpoint, in terms of the impact that that can have on the organisation’s success, but also from a personal level. Like when I speak to leaders and I tend to partner more so with quite conscious and purposeful organisations, I’ve moved away from the corporate world because I think that’s where… They’re the organisations that I really love to help is the ones that have a mission to help the world because I just want to support those so that they can have that beautiful ripple effect to everyone else.

And when you know with all of your bones and all of yourself, that the work that you’re doing is having such a meaningful and positive impact on the people that you’re serving, the impact that that has on the leaders and the employees, the boost of motivation that those employees get, the level of meaning behind their roles of purpose of true fulfilment. You can’t get fulfilment, you can’t get that beautiful feeling of fulfilment just by ticking off your KPIs for the day. No matter how hard you work, no matter how many position, promotions that you get in a day or throughout a year or your lifetime, you’ll never get that feeling of fulfilment from working really hard or getting promotions. Fulfilment is an inside job. Fulfilment comes from giving back. It comes from connecting and actually seeing the impact that your work is having on others.

And being of service. Right?

100%. 100%.

So talk us through how you would do that with organisations and individuals … So we’re giving our listeners some tips on how they would find their purpose.

Yes, I would love to.

Emma training an organisation on how to find their spark

So I might start with the individual because that’ll probably be a little bit more fitting potentially for your audience. And this is a process that can apply to organisations as well is, so I’ve got this beautiful formula, it’s called the 4P formula to finding your spark. And those four Ps stand for purpose, passion, potential, and possibility. And so if you can imagine like a beautiful Venn diagram of those four Ps all crossing over, the point where your passions, so the things that you love and that just light you up, and that just really energise you and your purpose, the thing that drives you from the inside out that you were made for, that you’re here for in the world, and possibility, which is extending your mindset further to what you ever thought possible for you and challenging your current view of the world and potential, which is all about helping you step into your highest self, your highest potential, and really looking at what are those things that you’re naturally really, really good at, that make you feel confident, that make you feel like your most natural self and your most powerful self?

Because like just as a little side note there, I’m a real big advocate for playing to your strengths rather than trying to, I don’t know, combat all of your weaknesses, which would probably take us all life and not be a very fun journey. I’m just about playing to who you truly are, playing to your natural self and those things that are most natural to you and your natural intrinsic strength, that’s your magic, right?

A lot of people don’t know that, or they’ve become so disconnected that they can’t remember. When I was on the journey of re-discovering myself, someone said to me, “What did you love to do as a child?” When we’re relatively free from the external conditioning. And that’s powerful, that was powerful looking at what I loved to do as a child. 

What did you love to do?

Oh, me? Oh, I was out and about constantly on the farm and I was  like you out in nature. I was out with the animals and in nature relatively free. And then I would play Shops all the time – Laugh out loud – 

And look at what you’re doing now.

But then this thing I would do every night almost, would be to go into my mum’s bedroom and she had this beautiful dresser. And I would just sit and admire her perfumes… She had one of those really old-fashioned beautiful… I’m not even sure what you call them, a dresser and I had a little stool and I would sit on it and it had a marble top and it was quite ornate. It was quite beautiful. And I would sit and I would do this often and just sit and play with her perfumes.

Oh my gosh. I just got tingles.

Yeah, so that’s what I loved to do.

So that’s the thing, is that you ask anyone, you ask anyone, “What did you most love to do? What did your 10-year-old self use to lose yourself doing as a kid?” And so say, for example with me, I used to love playing Teachers. I was obsessed with creating little workbooks for my friends, bossing them around. I was a bossy little kid, that’s for sure. You asked my best friend at the time. I used to create little workbooks and I used to tell stories. And I used to write stories. So I was always a pretty creative little kid. And the reason that I share this is that the themes behind which the passions that you used to love as your 10-year-old self, that will still be the same in some way or form to who you are right now.

It’s like if you can find the theme behind what that is. So for me, teaching was about educating and empowering and helping. And now I’m a coach, which is exactly what I get to do now. And I was a bossy little kid because I love doing my own thing. And I hated people telling me what to do. And I’m now a business owner. And I can’t stand working for other people because I love to do my own thing. And the creative side of me gets to write blogs, gets to tell stories on podcasts. The passions and the parts of us that were us as children, it’s still part of us right now. And I guess that’s probably one of the first tips that I would give your listeners is, if they’re looking to reconnect with who they truly are, their truest, most magnificent, beautiful, powerful self, the self that just feels like them, is asking the question, what did you love to do as a kid? What did you lose yourself in as a child?

And not looking at it too literally, but looking for the things behind that. And even asking the question, so maybe the follow-up question there is, if that’s what you love to do, what is it about that that you loved so much? What were the parts of that that really made you come alive that got you excited? Or what were you curious about as a child? So when I take clients through these four Ps, so finding your passions, finding your purpose, finding your true possibility and finding your highest potential, the point that those four Ps meet is where we unlock your spark. So that’s where your spark starts to come alive. And it’s a really fun process to go through. I bloody love watching it from the outside with my clients.

I can imagine. How satisfying? And you just mentioned that you’re doing this in our schools. How does that feel?

I did. Oh my gosh. So it’s literally a dream come true. I can’t tell you how just grateful and appreciative I am to have this opportunity. And even if I can share a little story about how it came about, because I have had… I’ve just shared on my social media about getting to speak at this school. And I had a couple of people reach out and ask, “How did this speaking gig even come about?” And it’s a really funny and quite awesome and magical story. So I might just share that one really quickly.

I was in meditation having a nice old standard meditation, I thought, and then I got this little thought drop in and it said, “Call this school.” I won’t mention the school just in case privacy and all of that to the thing, but “Call the school, do it now.” And being in my meditation, my practice is, you don’t have to follow every thought that comes into your mind, just come back to the mantra. And I tried to come back to the meditation but the message was so strong.

And I tried to float that thought away, but it kept coming back. And because I didn’t listen to it as a thought, it then started to… my whole body started to get restless. I literally, I couldn’t stop moving my body and my body wouldn’t stop moving. And I was like, “Okay, all right. I will listen. I will listen.” So I got up, I stopped my meditation. I picked up the phone. I called this school. I had not planned to make this call in any way or form. And I just said, I basically just gave him a brief on who I was and what I love to do. And I said, “Look, I’ve got these really cool processes and systems and the 4P framework. And I’d love to be able to offer it to you guys in some way or form.” And the rest is history.

It just turned instantly into not only one speaking gig, but three speaking gigs, where I got to talk in this incredible private girls high school about finding their inner leader, connecting with their true purpose and connecting with a purposeful and passion-led career. And it is absolutely a dream come true because I know that so many of our school systems are not built… Not only our school systems, but our entire society is not built in a way to encourage you to connect with what actually drives you intrinsically, deep on the inside.

Like a lot of year 11 and year 12 students are encouraged to make decisions based on what their ATAR scores, most closely align with. If they got a really high, like 99.9 score, they’re like, “Oh, well, that means I should apply for law, right? Because that’s the best thing that I can get into for law.” So they’re making decisions based on what the numbers align with, rather than what do you love? What lights you up? What makes you come alive? What do you want to do in this world? What are the causes that you truly care about? How do you want to make an impact and contribute?

And we wonder why the rates of depression and anxiety and let’s say even suicide for our youth is so high.  I’m so happy to hear that you are going to the schools and-

Oh my gosh. Well, I hope to make an impact.

Yeah. Fantastic.

It’s funny on that. So many of my clients have been lawyers, lawyers who have hit that point in their career where they realised, they went through law school, they’ve started in a law firm and actually this isn’t what they want to do with their life, that they are not fulfilled, if anything, they’re the opposite of fulfilled. And that they’re restarting the process on understanding who they actually are and what actually drives them and what actually makes them feel fulfilled in life.

Let’s have a quick chat about your rituals and the tools because Melis is a tool that I developed because scent really helped me find my truth. It was natural. It really helped me connect to my true sense of self. What are some of the tools that you’ve been using to have a more intentional life?

Emma with her daughter Hazey

When I had my little girl, Hazey, like the early stages of motherhood for anyone that has been a mother, it is just one of the most intense, beautiful nourishing, soft, warm, just gorgeous experiences that you can ever have in your life. And I got this feeling of like… It was a feeling that I knew was going to be quite hard to hold on to going forward in life, like when I jumped back into the working world and I wanted to have some sort of feeling of staying connected to that feeling, which to share something quite personal, I guess the persona that I gave that feeling was this feeling of like earth mother and just this, the name or the persona of earth mother was something that just really resonated with me. And it was that feeling, I wanted to be able to bring that feeling into everything in my life. I didn’t feel like it had to only be when I was with my little girl, Hazy, breastfeeding or something like that. And so-

So you connected to the divine mother, purest form of feminine energy within yourself ?

Yes. Yeah. Yes, yes. 100%. 100%. So when I was at the Horizon Yoga Studio, I had previously been looking for some sort of, I don’t know, like some sort of little piece of jewellery or some little thing that I could put on my body that would help, be a little anchor or help be a little… a connector to help me remember this feeling that I wanted to hold on to. Something that could make me feel connected to that.

And I remember looking around, and it was like, there was just nothing. There was nothing that caught my eye or nothing that called out to me in terms of a bracelet or a ring or anything else. And then I came across this Melis natural perfume, and I was having a little look at them and I saw one that was called Terra. And I was like, “Oh my God, Terra.” Because Terra means earth at my… I’m pretty sure anyway.

Absolutely yeh…

Yeah. Oh, good, good. And I was like, “Oh my gosh, what is this? What is this?” And so I picked it up and I gave it a little width, and I instantly just fell in love with it. And I put it on my skin and rubbed it together. And I just instantly knew in that moment that, “Oh, I wasn’t supposed to have a bracelet. This is going to be my anchor. This is going to be my connector to earth mother, because this is something that I can take with me everywhere.” And so it’s still part of my intention and my rituals every single morning. So to share what my practice looks like, it’s a mixture of meditation, a little bit of mirror vision scripting, and then having the perfume on at the same time. So it helps integrate the vision script with the mirror work and the smells all together. And then-

Very powerful. Very powerful.

Yes. Yeah.

Did you know that’s what scent can do or was this your intuition guiding you?

Do you know what? I think a lot of it was intuition. I think there was ….. I definitely heard of that. You would be able to speak to this a lot more than I would, but I did know we can wire our brain in a way that helps us associate and strengthen the things that we want to remember.

Yes. And scent does that because it goes straight to the limbic system within our brain

The limbic system, of course.

 That’s why you can remember things through smell. A lot of people experience  this through smell because it’s very powerful. We’ve got some little tips that you can go through to imprint positive emotion and feelings into your body. And then you can even program your scent with the intention and take that scent with you. And when you’re out and about and use your scent, it’ll send a message to your system saying, “Oh, I feel….”

Oh my gosh. Well, that’s definitely what it’s done for me. So I use it as my earth mother anchor my, my confidence anchor, my ability to come back to me and to stay calm and be present.

You also have the natural ingredients in there. And I just wanted to bring to your attention that the MELIS Terra, has rose damascena as an ingredient Rose is incredibly powerful at helping with connection to the heart and especially to the feminine. And so there’s a lot there that is working  for you in natural scent.

I’ve just given it another smell now.

Thank you. Thank you so much for sharing that.

Oh, no, thank you.

We’re running out of time, but there’s so much more I want to talk to you about. We talked about doing less and “being” more and how you’ve been conscious of creating white space in your diary to aid your creativity. It appears that as we transform into our true nature, more space is needed to allow for this connection. Because we just can’t function how we use to function at that same level of “busyness”. How disciplined are you at maintaining this “being” state, especially when you’ve got the children and the business? Is it something that you have to consciously  work on?

Oh my gosh. Do you want the honest answer or the Coach Emma answer?

Look, I’ll always give you honesty. I don’t think I could give anything else. I am a million times better at it than what I used to be. I’ve still got a long way to go, that’s for sure. So doing versus being. Gosh. My personal goal is to be able to get being and doing to a place of 50-50. I would say right now, if I’m really honest with myself, I’m probably more so in doing mode. Gosh, if you’re not counting sleep, I would say 90% of the time I’m in doing mode and it’s a real… It’s like my primary goal right now is building practices, tools, mindset, beliefs, getting support on board. Like I work with a coach myself, and that’s our biggest focus at the moment because ultimately, to be in a state of being, what does that even mean? That for me, being is true presence and the ability to let go of your to-do list. And in true unadulterated surrender. It’s like life is as it is. I am right here. I am right now, this is my life. This is the world. It is how it is.

And trusting that you’ll get those little messages that will help guide you through where you need to be, like the message you got during your meditation about calling the school

100%. 100%.

And what about self-worth? The self-worth feeling has been a big lesson for me and ridding myself of self-sabotage – the old unhelpful habits. Do you have any tips around self worth?

Oh my gosh. Tips around self-worth?

Yes…..acknowledging that you are worthy of finding your spark, that you are worthy of allowing yourself to “be” and not have to do a million things.

Oh my gosh. So many, so many. If there’s one practical one that I could, or maybe two little mini practical ones that I could offer. So the first one is about, we can say things like I am worthy. I am worthy. I am worthy. I am deserving. I’m all the things. But whether you believe that or not is a whole other story. And the words that come out of our mouth could be very different to what we actually believe on the inside. So I personally feel like it can be like a two-pronged approach. So one is doing things, like building practices into your life that actually are in line with the belief that you are indeed worthy. So say for example, what would a worthy person do? If you were worthy, how would you go about your day? What would your day look like? And what would you prioritise?

If you were worthy, knowing that you already are, because we’re already worthy just as we are, our true self, we are already worthy. If you were already worthy, what would be the one thing that you would most love to do today? And just asking that question and seeing what pops up for you. And perhaps it’s, well, if I was already worthy, you know what? I’d take a nap. I’d have a rest because I’m really tired or maybe I would go on and meditate, or maybe I would go for a walk in nature without my phone, without headphones, or maybe I would go and paint a picture and be creative or something that makes your heart and your soul feel happy.

I really like that.

Yeah. Awesome. Awesome.

I like that ….building something within your life that proves that you’re worthy because you’ve got to feel it.

Emma recommends “mirror” work to aid self connection and love

You do, because what that does is by you acting in line with the belief that you are worthy, it starts to automatically send a message to your subconscious brain that you are worthy. And so that’s kind of the, I don’t know, the backwards approach to building a sense of self-worth within you. And the other one, which is more perhaps the intrinsic approach, is doing something such as mirror work. And I don’t know if anyone’s done much mirror work before, but it can be deeply uncomfortable, very awkward.

It’s powerful. So it is as it sounds, it’s standing in front of the mirror, it’s looking yourself deep in the eye. It’s not like that look in the mirror that you might give yourself when you’re applying makeup, when you’re only like half there, when you’re putting your mascara on, you’re looking at yourself, but you’re not really looking at yourself. You’re thinking about your day or whatever. No, this is like looking yourself deep in the eyes, deep in the eyes. And this can actually bring up quite a lot of emotion when you do this, holding your own gaze, putting your hand on your heart, taking a big breath and really breathing yourself in while you look at yourself and telling yourself that you love what you see and that you are deeply worthy. That you love what you see and that you are deeply worthy.

And repeating these words over and over, not letting go of that eye contact. And if you’re anything like probably 99.9% of people who do this for the first time, it’ll feel so awkward and uncomfortable and you’ll want to turn away. You’ll probably you’ll think, what am I doing? This is so weird. Why would I do this? Sometimes some emotion might come up like, I don’t know how I feel about these words that I’m saying. And just know that in those moments you are doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing. That is the work. That is the work and it’s having such a beautiful impact on you. I’ve had moments of doing this work and I actually just broken down in tears in the mirror.




I love the way that you’re connecting to your heart space when you do that  as well. So really connecting and initiating that energy to come from the heart space, which is all pure love.

100%. 100%.

That’s really beautiful. Thank you, Emma.

Pleasure. Pleasure.

That’s really beautiful. That was really powerful. I want to give it a try right away

Oh, go and do it, and let me know how you go.

I will do it. I will do it.

Awesome. Awesome.

That doesn’t need to take a lot of time. You can do it any time, any place, just prioritise?

100%. And it’s you building a relationship with yourself as well, which is probably the fundamental relationship that everyone needs to build in the world.

Yeah. Absolutely.

A relationship with self.

So I just want one more question. You’re obviously quite entrepreneurial, very inspiring and you appear to be role modelling exactly what you help your clients achieve. You’ve got some pretty exciting programs coming up, which I think are worthy of sharing with our listeners. Can you share a little bit about how people can get involved with you?

100%. Yeah. I would love to. So I guess the key one, which maybe it interests to some of your audience is the Find Your Spark program. And that’s where we dive into those four Ps. So the purpose, passion, potential and possibility, and the whole core focus of the program is to unlock your spark. So there’s a whole process of discovery and discovering what your spark is. There’s lots on mindset because ultimately, a lot of us do know what we want to do, but it’s our mindset that often gets in the way, like some old limiting beliefs or fear or doubt that can stop us from actually taking action towards what we want to do. And then there’s a really big action component within that program as well. So if you want to get a little bit of a taste of that program, I’m actually running one of the most exciting challenges that I’ve possibly ever run before and it’s called the purpose party.

So it’s where you’ll basically get a bit of a taste of the program for free. It’s a three-day free training series, where the first day is going to be about activating your highest vision and designing your dream life. So helping you actually connect to what the highest possible version of your life might be. And then day two is about connecting to your highest self. So we start to connect to the version of you that’s already living that highest vision and that’s really, really powerful. And then day three is about unlocking your unique zone of genius, because every single person in the whole wide world has their own unique zone of genius. It’s like their own unique magic.

Their gift.

Their gift, yes, their unique gift to the world, 100%. And many of us aren’t playing in that space for whatever reason, usually societal conditioning and all of the things. But I’ll take you through a process of being able to unlock what that genius zone is for you, because ultimately, I want to connect people to their highest self, their highest potential, their spark. And that those three days designed to give you a taste of what that process could look like. So I can share the link to the purpose party with you and maybe they can find that in the show notes. Awesome.

Sounds great. Now we are going to wrap up, but is there anything else that you’d like to add to the conversation that you feel, just to finish off, that you feel is really important about your purpose, about other people living their purpose? 

I guess the only… We have covered a lot and I feel like, gosh, we could talk for days, couldn’t we? I guess the only last little thing that just dropped into my mind there is, if there is anyone out there who is feeling a little bit lost or stuck, or who maybe knows that they’re not in the place that they want to be or that they should be, maybe perhaps they’re feeling a little bit restless and they don’t know why, and they know that something should change, but they don’t know how, the one tip that I could give you, no matter where you are in your journey, is to try and get quiet. To try and get as quiet as you possibly can. And sometimes it is one of the most deeply uncomfortable things that our brains can ever go through.

But we talked about white space and we talked about not only white space in our diaries, but here I’m talking about creating space in the mind, because if there’s one thing that I know to be true, it’s that when we create space within our minds, that’s when those beautiful, intuitive downloads can come through. And that bit by bit by bit, those little intuitive downloads or those little messages from your subconscious brain or from a higher power, whatever you want to call it, when they start to come through, they will guide you along the way. And you can do this in a multitude of different ways. You can do it through meditation apps. Like I personally use a meditation app that’s called 1 Giant Mind, and that’s been really awesome for me.

But it doesn’t have to be meditation. It can be journaling. It can be walking through nature. It can just be putting 10 minutes aside, that you are not near your phone and that you just go and sit outside, not near any technology and just try and listen to your heartbeat or feel your heartbeat. But the quieter and the more spacious that your mind can get, the more that you are going to connect with your true self and what you’re here for. So that’s probably the last little message that just popped into my mind that I feel like it was probably for someone out there. And apart from that, I think that’s it.

That’s wonderful. Thank you for that last parting words.

Oh, a pleasure.

Yeah. So important to do that. So thank you. You have been a joy. Your energy’s so gorgeous and it’s really lovely connecting with you, and I’m sure our listeners will feel the same, But you’ve given… You’ve been so generous with the information and you’ve shared some really good little nuggets in there. So thank you. And I can’t wait to hear and see more of these speaking gigs at the schools.

I know, I know. And my absolute pleasure. It’s been so awesome being here, and it’s what I love to do most. So thank you for having me.

You’re very welcome. Thank you.

Emma Campbell assists organisations and individuals to find their purpose and achieve greater fulfilment


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