Can natural perfumes go the fragrant distance?

We all know the charm of a freshly perfumed presence and the way we feel when entering a space or wrapping loved ones in a fragrant embrace – and we want to keep that goodness alive all day.

We’ve been conditioned to expect this longevity because mainstream perfumes contain artificial and toxic components designed for it. Fortunately, people are becoming more conscious around how we value and use natural perfumes.

This appreciation helps us undo harmful conditioning of the type that sees us rushing around in life with less depth of pleasure and connection, expecting more, faster, and for longer. It has accustomed us to a certain superficiality that doesn’t nourish our spirits.

We at MELIS are passionate about natural perfumes as part of a life approach that is deeper, richer and more appreciative of the magic and worth of nature and ultimately, of ourselves.

Purely natural perfumes carry a truly alive and nuanced energy, but because they don’t contain all the chemicals, they can have less durability and this leads us to ask – can natural perfumes go the distance on your skin?

The answer is yes but it does take a skilled perfumer to blend for longevity, and also depends on your skin type and characteristics, as well as the way you wear the scent. See below for some tips, which include layering your fragrance – we are super excited about our upcoming body oil range and sharing more on the art of layering!

No doubt you’ve noticed that a perfume smells different on a paper blotter than it does on skin, and can smell distinctly different on someone else compared to on you.

Certain skin types have different properties when it comes to how they hold fragrance. These include our pH, fluctuating hormones, diet and skin type or condition. Oilier or drier skin types can make a perfume vary more in the way it emanates.

It’s always valuable to test how a perfume works with your skin, your personality and your je ne sais quoi or indefinable characteristics and energy. You can try MELIS perfumes at any of our stockists or sample with our Discovery Sets and give each one some time to unfold and reveal the way it melds with you.

Which MELIS scents have greatest durability?

All MELIS 100% natural perfumes contain potent botanicals and are crafted to last, but some have ingredients that are naturally more durable on the skin.

These include Gratia and Divinitus, our attar concentrates with an aged indian sandalwood base, as well as Sensuali, Motus No 7, Motus No 4 and Nativus Spiritus, which contain more durable absolute oils and resins like labdanum, oakmoss and jasmine sambac.

Perfumes with more prominent base notes have a longer life than those with prominent top notes. Base notes include woody or balsamic flavours like patchouli, benzoin and labdanum as well as those with a spicier scent.

How to wear natural perfume to waft heavenly scents all day –

  • If you have very dry skin, use a little unscented or complementary fragranced body oil or lotion before applying your perfume, so the scent won’t be soaked up as quickly by your skin.
  • Apply perfume to your pulse points as the body heat helps emit the fragrance for longer and with more intensity.
  • Don’t rub the perfume into your skin, as not only will this reduce the durability of the fragrance, it can also bruise the precious oils.
  • Dab perfume onto your hairbrush and run it through your hair.
  • Put perfume on a cotton ball and pop it in your bra or pocket.
  • Store your perfume in a cool, dark place as fragrance can break down in fluctuating temperatures or humidity.
  • Pop your travel size MELIS parfum oil in your bag or pocket and re-apply throughout the day. Your scent will become more durable on the skin and your energy system will thankyou for the extra dose of high vibrational natural botanical scent.

Viva la natural fragrance!


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