Crystal Healing, The Secret Ingredient In Each MELIS Perfume

At MELIS, we’re strongly guided by the inherent healing power of nature and the tangible and intangible benefits it provides, reflected by the potent botanicals used in MELIS 100% natural perfumes. Another facet of nature in each MELIS scent is the infusion of energy from crystals, alongside positive intention from our meditation practice.

Why crystals?

Much like everything else in the universe, from rocks and trees to birds and grass, we are all constantly in motion; vibrating. We each have our own individual vibrational frequency, which has the ability to influence how we think and feel; those with higher vibrations exude love, peace, and compassion, while those with lower vibrations may be more prone to emotions like anger, fear, and jealousy.

As human beings, our vibrational frequencies are volatile and easily influenced; it can change based on things like the news, those we’re around, social media, and our own thoughts. Contrastingly, crystals have an immovable vibrational frequency as they’re composed of a fixed geometric pattern of molecules, allowing them to effortlessly maintain their stability. The superior stability of crystals makes them powerful forces, allowing them to influence and alter our less powerful energy.

How we use crystals

Our founder Melissa imbues each and every MELIS perfume with an intention, using mahat meditation to encourage the wearer to continually seek truth, connect with their unique inner greatness and nurture the earth. Crystal grids play an important role in mahat meditation; the power of crystals and positive intention is enhanced and amplified by the sacred geometric patterns of the bespoke meditation grid.

The benefits of crystals

Here at MELIS, we infuse all our perfumes with the power of seven crystals strategically placed on the bespoke mahat meditation geometric grid, each with their own distinct energy and benefits.


This purple-hued crystal symbolises transformation, working to ground your spiritual self into everyday reality. Charoite encourages service to humanity and speaks to the carer within us.

Rose quartz

Known as the friendship or love crystal, rose quartz is a powerful heart opener. At MELIS, our intention with using rose quartz is to help foster inner healing and encourage self-love and compassion.

Red Tiger’s Eye

A grounding crystal, Red Tiger’s Eye balances the lower chakras and spinal column. It provides protection and enhances integrity, willpower, and mental strength, aiding MELIS wearers in accomplishing goals, recognising their own positive attributes, promoting mental clarity, and improving inner vision and perception.

Blue sodalite

Known as a wisdom crystal, blue sodalite helps unite spiritual perception with the physical level; working to create a healthy balance between intuition and logic. Blue sodalite works to eliminate mental confusion, encouraging harmony between rational thought, objectivity, truth, and intuition.

White selenite

One of the most spiritual crystals, white selenite combines light and matter, helping connect your light body (or subtle body) with the earth’s vibration. Selenite promotes deep feelings of peace and calm, making it excellent for use in meditation.


Like blue sodalite, emerald promotes wisdom; working to enhance discernment, truth, and eloquent expression of one’s opinion. Emerald promotes physical, mental, and emotional balance and is particularly beneficial for fostering mutual understanding between a group of people.

Clear quartz

A potent energy amplifier, clear quartz cleanses the soul and aligns you with your true purpose, filtering out distractions and negative energy.

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