With Intent – Episode 4
Melaney Ryan

Melaney Ryan from the Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness (MRIAC)  is a 4th generation energy medicine practitioner with more than 36 year’s clinic experience. She is the founder and teacher of an energy medicine therapy called Integrated Therapeutic Alignment (ITA) and Mahat Meditation which are recognised globally. The latter is currently being researched by a major Australian university and testament to Melaney’s leadership in her field of energy alignment psychology.

Melaney is my teacher, mentor and friend and I’m honoured to have her share her views on:

  • our mind, body and spirit connection
  • why the COVID-19 pandemic is happening from an energy understanding 
  • how we can best respond to this pandemic and balance our lower emotions 
  • the importance of scent and how it impacts our energy and physical systems 
  • the importance of stillness and her gift of live meditations during the COVID virus crisis

I hope you enjoy the podcast and I thank you for listening.



Melaney, could you please give our listeners a bit of an understanding of your background because I found it fascinating to understand that you learnt energy from your great grandmother. If you could just give us a little bit of a background as to how you have come to form the Institute and to be sharing your knowledge today.

Absolutely. Well, for me, as a child, I grew up in a family that just understood energy, and we knew about meditation, we knew about all the energy links within the energy fields. And to talk about intuition was really quite normal for us. So, as a child I always thought, “Why doesn’t anybody else talk about these things?” Because it was quite foreign to a lot of people, 30, 40, 50 years ago. But for myself, absolutely, my family and parents have been a great inspiration to me in really encouraging me to look at the depths of life, and to look at consciousness at a deeper level.

And also to recognise that as human beings, we have such an ability to interplay within life here, and to make a difference not just for ourselves, for the earth, but also for future generations. So, for me, having that depth within my family always allowed me to explore deeper. I was one of those kids that used to look up at the stars and you know there was so much more out there, and so much more we could also experience within our own lives. And that started my journey on really looking at energy, and how energy interplays with us, and how we interplay with it. And how we’re actually within ourselves and also within consciousness.

That then led me to study particularly with a Chinese master, and quite few other teachers worldwide, like Lama Geshe Lodoe Gyatso, a Tibetan monk that I also learned a lot from and was a great teacher of mine. Within these studies, I decided then to start my own clinic in working with energy medicine. And you can understand back then, it was quite difficult because there wasn’t a lot of awareness of that. And it was in studying and then working with my clients that I started to see repetitive patterns within them.

And those repetitive patterns all were then documented, which are now part of the 14 training manuals that I’ve actually created within particularly ITA energy medicine. So, in answer to your question, yes, it was my family that really started that journey to where we are today with MRIAC.

And just with your family, I recall a story of you watching your grandmother treat people because you grew up on the Canary Islands. Could you share a little bit of those experiences?

Absolutely. Actually, it was my great-grandmother who used to work on with clients in the Canary Islands. I didn’t view her, but I did see a lot of both my other family members work with energy. And again, for her that was very difficult because back then not a lot of people knew about energy medicine. The sad part was that when someone did need help, she was the first person that they knocked on her door. And of course, she unconditionally helped them. So, those truths that were shared to me by my own family almost left an imprint in my mind that there’s got to be more to what we’re actually experiencing just in a physical side of looking at ourselves.

And Melaney, when you talk about when you first started clinic, how long ago was that? How long ago did you start putting manuals together?

I’ve been in clinic now for 36 years, which just is like amazing. All those years that have gone by. But it was my clinic time as I said that really allowed me to see repetitive patterns. So, if somebody had a physical symptom, for example, with anxiety, I noticed the same pattern in other people that I were treating with anxiety. So, that was all documented. And that is actually now what’s created our training manuals. And Melissa people used to say to me, “Oh, you’re just gifted because you come from a family that understand energy.” And well, I proved them wrong because I’m documenting it, I’m writing it all down, I’m creating the manuals. Students were then trained of course, which you know about. And those students are receiving the same results as what I’m receiving in clinic. So, that now makes ITA energy medicine a systematic approach actually, and it can be researched. And Mahat meditation currently is being researched by a predominant university here in Australia.

I’ve obviously been studying with you now for many years now. And the study of energy anatomy is actually quite complex for the lay person. I’m still blown away by the complexity yet accuracy of the information and the grounded nature of your specific teachings. It’s so grounded.  Anyone that wants to criticise it as being “woo-hoo”, it’s just not possible because it’s so methodical the way you’ve presented it, the way you’ve described the anatomy, and our web structure, and how it interplays with the structure of the earth. I know this is going to be so challenging in a short timeframe, but could you provide a bit of a breakdown of the energy anatomy, and how it influences the way we are in the world? So, that someone listening not necessarily familiar with energy can get a better understanding of how you work with energy, and how you teach others to work with energy, and what energy is.

Absolutely. And my belief is that energy systems are interconnected with our physical systems. And the mind also interplays with both the energetic, and the physical symptoms. And to me that’s the core of it. We need to understand that it’s not just about energy, it’s how the energy is interplaying with the physical, and how the minds are also interplaying, or the brain is interplaying with the energetic, and the physical. So, I’m so humbled to hear your words that you find the work very grounding. That is very important for me, that when the information is given, people can understand it, and the cognitive brain can accept it, and it makes sense to people. It’s a form of respect. But in a nutshell for a lot of us, every day we’ll look after the physical body. So, we’ll go to the gym, we’ll go to the hairdresser, and we’ll do all the things to look after our physical body. We eat well, et cetera. But what a lot of us don’t realise, Melissa, is that it’s the energy body that’s actually fuelling the physical body.

So, if the energy body is offset through lower emotions, for example, or trauma, etc. that’ll have an impact on the physical body at some level. And that’s where we see physical symptoms. So, energy, I mean, I could talk for hours as you know. But just in the nutshell, looking at energy anatomy is very important. Our energy field is very important. How we’re interplaying within that energy field, how its interplaying within our everyday experiences. How it’s giving us an awareness even to the external world. But I think the most important thing that we need to look at is the energy anatomy and its links.

So, for example, what is the energy anatomy? We study physical anatomy to the body, but how many of us really understand the energetic anatomy? How many of us know the Meridian pathways, the chakras, the vortices, and how they’re all interplaying with the physical organs, and the physical aspect of being, and how the mind is collecting that as well. So, for me, I really try and emphasise in the study of energy, it’s not just about the energy field, it’s what are the links that are linking the energy field to the physical. And then how the mind is connecting those links.

Another way we can look at it is how we can utilise energy to gain a greater exchange within the external world. How we interplay within that external world, how we are within our present moment. How are we manifesting? How we’re expressing ourselves within that external world. And I think too, we also need to recognise that energy does definitely has movement. But we can also have an awareness to energy where that movement becomes speed, which gives us a much deeper exchange within our experience of life.

But I’m hoping that’s given you some nutshell on the study of energy, and more and more of us thank goodness are starting to realise it is such a vital tool for us to have. To know about energy and how it’s interplaying. And as I started the discussion, it’s the energy systems that are interconnected with our physical systems, and how the mind is interplaying with both the energetic, and the physical systems. That to me is the most important thing.

I’ve been studying your Mahat meditation for quite a while now and understand how psychologists, for example, talk about the power of the mind and the importance of  getting in control of your thoughts but you take it one step further, and say that it’s the emotions that actually lead to the thoughts. So, if you’re not managing your emotions, and managing your emotions also from an energetic structure, from where they might be stored in your energy body, then those same patterns can keep playing out and happening. So, can you talk a little bit about the importance of managing your emotions, and how lower emotions can keep us stuck and negatively impact our lives?

That’s so true. And as you cite, most people will look at the thoughts, but they’re not really understanding that those thoughts were also being fuelled by those lower emotions. And those lower emotions, as we all know, when they offset you, they can spiral you. And what happens then is the subconscious mind, the long-term memory just starts to accept that as being normal. And that’s where it becomes very hard for an individual to actually balance, and offset of a lower emotion. And when you look at lower emotions as well, I mean, something like anger for example.

Anger has a direct link to over worrying, overthinking. So, somebody may recognise that they have anger, but actually where’s the over worrying, overthinking coming from? And where is that frustration within themselves? And that’s why even within the MRIAC we’ve created very short guided meditations to balance the lower emotions in different categories. So, balancing frustration, anger, rage, over worrying, overthinking, anxiety, grief, sadness, balancing these things within ourselves. Fear and fright are absolutely very, very important, otherwise, the long-term memory continues to store them, and it just becomes real. And it thinks that that’s where you feel safe. So, there is no other focus point for the mind to bring its attention to.

And then that becomes a pattern, and almost a go-to for your way of being?

Absolutely. And I hear this so often, even in my own clinic, “I don’t even want to be like this anymore.” But they feel that the mind has a control of them. The subconscious mind isn’t really that clever. Most of us, we think it has a hold of us, but in actual fact, it’s the long term memory and just needs a different pathway. It needs another instruction. And if you can do that through repetition, the subconscious mind will also start to find its balance. But if you can also find the root because, or where it’s located, or as I stated before, that energy links, or the energy anatomy that links to the specific organs, because every organ carries a different emotion. You’re already seeing that there’s a different pathway in place. And the mind of course will recognise that, the present mind, and the conscious mind will recognise it, and so, will the subconscious mind, which is the long-term memory. And then we’re on a pathway to self-healing, and having more empowerment of what’s actually happening particularly within the cognitive brain.

Fascinating. We’ll come back to that, but I just wanted to ask, in your perspective, and understanding of energy what’s happening in the world right now with the COVID-19 virus? Why is it happening at this point in time? And then let’s talk about how we can respond to limit its impact, and then talk a bit more about getting hold of the emotions for anyone that’s really struggling right now. What advice would you give to them?

Looking at what’s happening in our world right now in my understanding, Melissa, this is a frequency offset. Now, this frequency offset could be because of external factors as we know, the EMF, etc. But it’s also when we look at it on an energy understanding, there is a frequency offset. And when you look at it through energy understanding, the frequency basically, is what keeps us aligned in our true natures. What’s actually happening in the physical world, how we’re perceiving that physical world, and our self-worth, our self-love, and how we’re interacting within that.

The frequency will also then affect how we’re perceiving the external world. So, we very much focused on the “I” persona, building materialism, capitalism, stepping on others, exploitation, etc. Or are we, as a collective, actually looking at more of a collective unit, and working in harmony with other individuals within our world. And not just individuals, with every living thing within our world, in our understanding this is a frequency imbalance.

A frequency of the earth? A frequency of the human? Our individual frequency or the collective frequency?

So, it’s basically when you look at the offset of the frequency, it’s ourselves as we have behaved here on this planet earth. I think for a lot of us, we’ve forgotten we’re guests here, we are guests on this planet. It’s also external factors that will play a role in that. And of course, the earth resonance will be reduced when the frequency is pulled. So, in my understanding, that’s what we need to focus on is the earth resonance, and also the sound resonance within ourselves, that depth within ourselves.

And to explain that in a simple term, what is the sound resonance in energy understanding? The sound resonance is how we integrate our stillness, how we’re actually present in that stillness, and how we can find clarity within that stillness. It’s also about clarity of thought. And it’s also about recognising our greatness. So, you can see that even as humans, most of us don’t really know our true potential. Most of us don’t have clarity of thought, and most of us don’t spend any time in meditation, or stillness, or reflection time.

So, in my understanding, the way through this is for humans to recognise that those three qualities, meditation, stillness, spirituality, inward work, reflection, clarity of thought, and knowing your true potential, and to be able to communicate that, holding your presence. I feel that is the key for humans here so that we can see balance again within our world and within ourselves.

Balance, and lifting of the frequency. And so, someone that, okay, is in their lower emotions being anger, frustration, or fear right now that’s not necessarily going to help the situation?

No. But as we discussed, Melissa, when people don’t have tools to come out of fear, that’s very difficult for them. So, that is another role I believe with MRIAC at the moment is that we are providing the tools. And we get told that worldwide, “You guys aren’t just talking about it, you’re actually giving us the tools.” And we take that very, very seriously. We have students from all walks of life, all different ages, and our tools are easy. You can apply them into your daily lives easily. And they do show you the links between the energy body, and the physical, and how the mind is interplaying.

And so, your advice to someone right now that might be in fear, that might be really struggling, or really worried, and rightly so perhaps about their financial situation, what’s your advice?

Try to shift the focus. So, try to shift the focus to things that empower you, or that you’re passionate about, or bring it to things like family, people that you love, care about, bring it to higher consciousness, if that assists too. Try and shift the focus is my answer to that. Try and be around people that are positive, try and be around like-minded people that actually do want to treat others in a respectful way, and also our animal kingdom in our planet earth. And try to be around what gives you sustenance. That’s very important, and to keep that positivity up. And of course, faith. Faith and trust that everything will balance. But standing true to what you know, in my understanding, with no doubt always gives us a little bit of breathing space, and also helping others when you do that for yourselves. Positivity is also very important.

Deepak Chopra who you would know well, and a lot of us follow always says that when you’re feeling sad or worried he recommends you think about somebody else, or think about others and get out of the “I” persona.

Yes. It’s what I refer to as shifting the focus. Shifting your awareness to something else. So, go for a walk in nature. Concentrate on your feet walking in the earth. Look at your pet, or your animal, or your children. Just shift the focus is incredible how quickly it works. Another way to do it is to feel your heart energy. So, for us, we recommend just feel the heart, feel things that you love. As I said before with your children, or anything that you love. And again, it’s giving it another focus point at that time so that the mind doesn’t spiral in what it thinks you feel safe in. But again, meditation is also important, and if you know the links, it provides a quicker balance when the mind is connecting to both the physical, and the energetic.

If I go back to my own practice, and my own learnings and journey, for a long time I found it very difficult to connect inwards. I found it very difficult to connect to my heart space. And to even acknowledge how I was feeling. I was so in my head, and so out of balance. Advice that I would like to give from my own experience is to just keep trying, keep trying to practice that stillness because eventually it does come, and eventually you get into your feeling body. Can you elaborate on why it can be so difficult?

When you look at stillness in our understanding of Mahat meditation, to really find stillness, as you’re saying Melissa, too, is very difficult for individuals if they haven’t got two other qualities in place. And those two other qualities is the first one that I discussed on self-love, self-worth, in every moment how are you? Who is the self? Who is the I am? How you’re interacting in that present moment? So, just for example, somebody could be very frustrated, but is that their true nature? So, if they’re not standing true to that in every moment, that will have an impact.

The next point they also need to look at is their intuition, their insight, their awareness at any particular time. If a situation is arising, are they going purely to the cognitive brain or are they sitting for a moment going, “What do I intuitively feel about this?” So, these are two very important qualities that we need to recognise before we can enter the stillness because otherwise, the mind just has an interplay with us, and it’s very difficult to find that stillness, or the lower emotions that they’re having an interplay. So, knowing who you are, having self-worth, having self-love, and being true to your true nature in every moment. When there is something there that you need a question to, or you need to move a certain way in your life, what is that intuition telling you? What’s your awareness telling you? So, you can see you have to have balance, and you have to have that awareness in place before that stillness can start to germinate within your systems, and within the mind.

Absolutely. And I think you absolutely need to take responsibility for your own emotions as well. Because I know for myself, I spent a long time blaming others for the way I was feeling. And you’ve been an amazing mentor to me in saying, “Well, actually, Melissa, you’re choosing to react ….. so you need to take responsibility for your own actions, your own emotions, own them.” And with the stillness work, I guess you don’t get triggered so much. Can you talk a little bit about this insight?

That’s really where we are now as a human race, when we look at the COVID-19, the virus it’s running through, it’s just a vehicle as an expression of what’s actually happening within our world, and also through the understanding of consciousness. So, if we look at that a little bit further, again, it takes us to … That stillness is vitally important for us. As a human race, we need to really understand that we need to know now which way do we want to go?

Do we want to go back into the corruption, the greed, the capitalism etc, the exploitation of every living creature here on earth and human being? Or are we consciously choosing that we want a new way? And for me, I feel that that’s a very, very important category of what’s happening now. So again, as I’ve mentioned, I feel that all of us have to look at it now. We have to say, “Who am I? Why am I here on earth?” To start to just self-explore a little bit. And in my understanding, Melissa, as I’ve mentioned, we have to go inwardly to do that.

And that doesn’t have to be a big deal, and change your whole life. It’s just even just every day if you’re feeling frustrated, just sit down, shift the focus, close your eyes for a few moments, go for a walk in nature, make time to fuel what gives you sustenance. It’s like we’re now being asked within consciousness, “What do you want to experience?” And at one level that’s really empowering. We just need to decide what it is that we want. For me personally, I would like to have a world based in unity. Why? Because I feel for future generations, we cannot continue the way that we are living. It’s impossible.

We’ve almost become robots. So disconnected, so conditioned. And I feel that this is a bit of a gift too because I know for myself it has made me stop even more, and really make the inward connection a priority. And I see your partway through a series of weekly free live meditations, last week we did the first and you had over 100 people on the platform. There could have been more, but apparently Zoom only allows 100 at one point in time. Can you tell us what that meditation aims to do, and the technique you’ve chosen to apply to those meditations? 

It’s online. That’s right. Really that was our way of bringing like-minded people together from all over the world, and also to just let people experience a form of meditation if they haven’t meditated before. And yes, we did max out, we booked in for 100. We weren’t too sure of the numbers that we would receive. But it was quite sad because a few people did miss out. But this week we’re ready for 500 placements, so that’s great. But what was really beautiful was just seeing all the faces worldwide. And the people there because they genuinely want to see world unity, and more balance within our earth, and also within ourselves.

What we did on that meditation was basically we were fuelling the sound resonance, which is what I was sharing before. It’s us acknowledging within ourselves that we as a collective can communicate what we know is true, that we do have a greatness. We’re only using … even science confirms that … a very small portion of our true potential. And then as a human race, we do know that we have to acknowledge our balance, and our insight, and then take action with that balance, and insight. And we’re also recognising that maybe we’ve gone too far one way. We’ve got such busy lives, we’re doing all these things, but in actual fact, maybe we just need to find that stillness, that reflection time every now and again.

And as I said, I do believe that’s a main key for assisting us back into full balance here. What we practice was a mantra. And if you don’t know what a mantra is, a mantra is basically a repetition of words spoken. And it’s just recited in the form of a meditation practice. So, the meditation practice that we were utilising, the words pretty much in a nutshell are basically stating unification, oneness, kindness, and compassion. And it was just so beautiful to see it embraced worldwide. But in that meditation, we were fuelling the sound resonance of the earth, and also the sound resonance within our own energy systems, and central core force.

Ultimately, we just need to do it. Let’s just connect inwards and do it. And I guess a really quick technique maybe that you could share with everyone is the grounding technique, and the importance of connecting into the earth, and the electromagnetic current?

Absolutely. I definitely recommend grounding. Grounding is very easy. Basically, you just focus on a point below, and in between your feet. So, whenever you’re feeling on the ground, you just focus there. You make a connection with intention that I am connecting to the earth energy. Another very good technique to help if your offset is to breath, abdominal breathing, because most of us when we’re offset or stressed, we’ll take the breath up into the chest. And then if there’s no breathing to the abdominal area, what happens is that also offsets the vagus nerve, which can also affects the central nervous system.

So, if you can get that breath into the abdominal breathing down into your abdominals, that’ll automatically relax that vagus nerve, and also central nervous system will be more relaxed in that as well. So, I would definitely recommend abdominal breathing, and grounding point if anyone’s feeling offset anytime throughout day. So, even if you’re feeling nervous or anxious, just be aware of the breath. Just make sure that that breathing is coming down to the abdominal area. At that moment, focus on your grounding point below your feet, and in between your feet, and into the ground. It’s so quick, and it works wonders. Just those two little simple techniques.

And you can do that with your children,  holding their ankles  and encouraging them to envisage roots? I find if my kids are acting out, a quick fix is to just grab their ankles, hold them, and make them focus downwards to the earth. Often, it’s because I need the grounding, but it also helps to ground them in. So, thank you for that.

You’re welcome.

Now, we’re just going to talk about scent. I know you’re familiar with my scent, and I’d like to acknowledge your teachings influence on providing me with the courage to live, I guess, my truth and launch these scents. And attempt to make a difference in this world by encouraging people to go inward, and to use scent as a tool for that, to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and therefore consciousness. Do you have a favourite within the MELIS range?

I definitely do. My favourite is Gratia, which is grace. It’s the Bulgarian rose and Indian sandalwood scent. I just love that one.

Any tips for application and use?

Well, I have noticed recently that you’ve put out a beautiful technique of the temples, activating of the temples, smelling the scent. And really allowing the scent to move through every part of your being. In my understanding of energy, the scent or the smell actually also has a direct link to the frontal lobe of the brain because the olfactory bulb is located there. So, scent we also take very, very seriously, Melissa, but smell or the scent is also how we perceive ourselves, and our experiences, and how we’re integrating the present moment.

So, that was interesting because we’ve had the discussion on that. But what it also links to is the scent will help us to carry, or detach from certain emotions that aren’t serving us at any particular time. Scents will give us a deeper love, and appreciation for things because when you’re smelling something that smells beautiful, or you’re connecting to what resonates with you, all of a sudden you feel this appreciation. And this expansion within the energy field. And it gives you, for me personally, a positive emotion of happiness. So, to me scent is very, very important. It allows us to feel safe with who we are. It also gives us that sense of happiness. It lets us build those virtues of love, and appreciation. And because it has a direct link to the frontal lobe of the brain can also help you detach from emotions that aren’t serving you.

Thank you for that. I do have a question I’ve been pondering. Do you recommend specific use of the same scent if you are trying to affirm certain emotions?

I think it’s more targeted because I do believe that every scent carries a specific tone. And those tones can then be aligned to energy systems as well, which will also then have a direct link to the physical. Absolutely, we can use an array of scents, but if it’s targeted for specific things, to me I find that more intriguing and more effective.

Great. So, we’re using specific scents program specific emotions. You’ll see more of this coming from Melis, and I can’t wait. But I wanted to get back to Mahat meditation, which is the meditation you’ve created and I use on all micro batches of MELIS perfumes with the intent of its wearer to live their personal truth, and greatness. Can you tell our listeners what Mahat meditation is?

Mahat meditation, it’s basically five tiers of learning, through meditation. And the first level basically is what we classify the gym work, where we’re going in, and we’re working the internal muscles that haven’t been worked for a while. And we’re putting people into the gym. So, there’s a lot of active movement, inwardly active movement through the guided meditation. And then the individuals are still given those stillness points, and integration points to go deep within their meditations.

Level two is all about the circulation of energy, the up and the down movements, and getting the movement. So, it’s like when you’re in the gym, you can work the muscles, but at some point you have to go into the quicker or faster speed of that gym.

And that’s through the chakra system, which a lot of people are familiar with chakras, but I don’t think they’re actually are aware of what the chakra system does.

And level one and two all work with the Chi energy. Most people don’t recognise that a chakra is just the reflection of your physical organ. So, it’s crazy that we know about our physical organs, but what’s actually keeping those physical organs alive in your chakras. And your chakras, your front chakras are the projectors of your reality. And the back chakra is the hard drive to that reality. And every chakra carries a different quality. So, if there is an offset in their quality, it will project out as that offset in your external reality.

Levels three, four, and five also integrates the Chi energy with the divine energy. And that’s where the individual is going deeper within themselves, and they’re recognising the greatness within themselves, and they’re given tools to go deeper within themselves. And as you know, Melissa, we’ve had beautiful testimonials worldwide where people have been offset by certain things. Even qualities that they were carrying, physical symptoms like anxiety, depression, and our students clearly say over and over again, “I can’t even find that. Even if I try to find anxiety, I can’t find it in my body anymore.”

That’s fantastic. I can vouch for the positive impact that Mahat meditation has had on my life so thank you Melaney. Before we wrap up is there anything else you would like to add to our discussion today?  

Just really with the COVID-19, as you discussed, for me, just to stress again, I simply just see that as a vehicle. To me what we need to look at is the earth resonance. And as human beings, I do believe we’ve lost touch with the earth. We need to find our deeper connection back to the earth, to able to feel its natural rhythm, the heartbeat of the earth, and to be one with  the earth. I feel that’s very, very important, Melissa. And hopefully more and more of us will start to recognise that simple truth.

So, if you’re not currently meditating, or you find meditating too hard to sit in stillness, just go and take a walk and connect to the earth?

Absolutely, be in nature and also fuelling positive emotions like love, and kindness, compassion to others. And if there is negativity there, then make a conscious effort through discipline to shift it for yourself. And as you said, we can always blame others. That’s so much easier to do, but to just look at yourself and to review yourself I think is a very important thing for us all to do as well.

Yes. And sometimes quite hard to do as well, but important.

It takes courage, right? It takes courage, you can sit in trust and faith forever, but sometimes in life you have to step forward, in courage for what you believe in. So, if you believe in yourself, even as a soul, or as a human being, you’ve got to stand for that truth, and to demonstrate who you are in every present moment.

On that, Melaney, I think we’ve come to the end of the time of our discussion. And I know there’s going to be a part two. I have been wanting to interview you. And I’m so grateful for your time, and the opportunity to talk about COVID from an energy perspective has been invaluable. So, thank you.

Thank you so much, Melissa, for giving me the time to share. I deeply appreciate that. And I hope something that we’ve shared resonates with the listeners.

I hope so too. I’m sure it will. And Happy Easter.

Much love. Thank you Melaney.

For more information about Melaney Ryan and the Melaney Ryan Institute of Applied Consciousness please visit www.mriac.com.au instagram: @melaney_ryan_institute FaceBook: @melaneyryaninstitute

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