MELIS turns one today!

Just like a newborn and the blink of its mother’s eye, MELIS turns one today!

What a journey it has been. Now more than ever, do I have an appreciation for small business owners and people like you, supporting fledgeling endeavours like my MELIS, 100% natural perfume with intent. Thank you! I love MELIS and I love what it has brought to my life – mostly the intention, creativity, connections, community, accountability and tenacity.

For nearly five years I dreamt about MELIS and knew in my heart that people had to start choosing alternatives to synthetic perfumes. Very little data could be found to prove the commercial acumen of my concept, but enough experience, self-belief and wisdom led me to sell an investment property and invest its small profit into MELIS. From that moment everything seemed to flow and here we are one year later with the highlights below to celebrate:

Melis Natural Vegan Friendly Perfume Display

– Favourites within the MELIS range have emerged. The feedback is incredible and hero products are becoming staples in handbags, and man-bags across Australia and internationally.  

– Pounding the pavement meeting like-minded individuals and businesses to represent MELIS is a joy and source of great connection. As a result, MELIS is now stocked in high-quality retail outlets across Australia and international reach is on the horizon.

– MELIS was selected as one of five finalists for the ‘Life In-Style ‘New Breed’ Scholarship program which identifies top newly launched brands across Australia for representation at their international exhibition in Sydney. It was an honour to be shortlisted and provided me with a boost right when it was needed.

– MELIS will feature in Country Style Magazine ‘s December Christmas issue. This might seem minor, but I haven’t sought this publicity. It is simply starting to come MELIS’s way. 

– The MELIS ‘With Intent’ Podcast has allowed insights into some terrific people. Amy, Alys and Kat were standouts that so many of you connected with and rated extremely positively. We have some intriguing guests in the pipeline and look forward to continuing in 2020.

– I have found my voice. When I first launched MELIS, I thought other people (aka experts) had to write my blogs and social media posts but I have learnt that you want to hear from me and that my voice is worthy of an audience. Transformation is inevitable and seems to accelerate when we act with courage and truth.

– Intention is everything and energy follows intent. Basically, what you think, feel and believe manifests. Keeping my thoughts and personal vibration harmonised with yoga, mahat meditation and clean food makes the difference.  My intention to help introduce MELIS Moments, i.e. moments of conscious inward connection, has not waned. In our fast-paced, busy lives we need to claim these moments more than ever for ourselves, our loved ones and humanity. My mission remains to help others use natural scent to take stock, recalibrate and aid moments of connection. Only when we’re truly connected can we live authentically in the ‘now’ with more intent.

So, what can you expect from MELIS in the next year?

As you’re aware, I am not a chemist, I am not a perfumer and I am not a scientist but our talented Scent Designer, Kat Snowden is all of the above. For the past six months, Kat has been developing NATIVUS, a new MELIS unisex scent featuring Australian ingredients. We had hoped to have it ready for this occasion however, perfection can not be rushed.  This is going to be a very special curation featuring some unique natural perfumery ingredients from Western Australia’s beautiful south-west. You might actually see (and smell) the first usage of Western Australian cannabis sativa grown specifically for perfumery. It’s a very exciting space and so I promise to keep you posted on NATIVUS’s development and launch date.

A couple of MELIS favourites will be tested in an organic grape alcohol-based spray.  I’ve been told that MELIS roll-ons have transformed your perfume routine and that you love  their nourishing qualities and transportability however, old habits die hard and a perfume spray on the bathroom counter is still desirable especially for the gents. Personally, I like to roll and no longer spray but your wish is my command.

The traditional perfume industry is desperately defending its market against indi-natural perfumers like MELIS. They have coined some synthetic fragrances to be “safe” and will be marketing natural perfumes using “safe synthetics”. Michelle Pfeiffer has recently launched a new natural perfume called Henry Rose using “safe synthetics”. I recently attended a launch in Sydney of a very high end, expensive French perfume and they too were marketing their perfume as clean, green and natural only to learn that they were using “safe synthetics”.  These developments are definitely improvements away from the more toxic synthetic fragrance however, call me a purist but I want everything I put in and on my body to be 100% natural and to contribute to my wellbeing. I can honestly say MELIS does that, from its high concentration of vegan, natural aromatics and base of organic jojoba oil to the crystals and positive intent infused with my own personal mahat meditation.

There’s so much more I would love to develop and bring to you but MELIS is a one-man band and I must focus my energy wisely so along with improving what we’re currently doing, growing the MELIS community and remaining open to what presents, MELIS enters its second year with much gratitude, enthusiasm and determination to accomplish its mission to aid your moments of connection via the senses.

Thank you for embracing MELIS with such openness and enthusiasm and thank you for journeying with me, naturally.

With Love and gratitude,

Melis xxx 

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