The benefits of natural perfume

Guest blogger, friend and renowned health and wellbeing journalist Kristen Watts shares her learnings and views on natural perfume.

The hectic pace of modern lifestyles, combined with a growing repulsion for mass produced goods has sparked a worldwide yearning for greater connection to nature and a deeper appreciation for products that are small batch and handmade. Now, more than ever before, people are trying to reduce the impact of consumerism not only on the environment, but also on their own personal well being. That means people are starting to ask questions about all the products they use on a daily basis. Bottled water, disposable drinking cups, genetically modified food and highly processed skincare products, makeup and personal hygiene items are all coming under scrutiny.

And that’s a good thing because research has shown that more than half the chemical laden products we apply to our skin every day are absorbed straight into our blood stream. People are starting to realise that the products we place on the surface of our skin will likely make their way to the organs deep within our bodies and that’s obviously cause for concern.

Synthetic fragrances are created in laboratories using complex combinations of chemicals that either produce a unique scent that is not found in nature or mimic the smell of natural plants. Some might smell similar to things we find in nature, but they’re a long way from being natural. Perfumes created using synthetic fragrances often contain phthalates and parabens and early results from studies indicate that these two ingredients are potentially toxic, and can possibly interfere with hormone function and fertility. It’s also looking likely that they trigger asthma and other allergies in some people.

Thankfully, but not really surprisingly, the vast majority of natural perfumes do not carry these same risks. It’s easy to see why there has lately been a big resurgence in the art of traditional perfumery with so many people searching for an alternative to synthetic fragrance.

Organic and created with pure essential oils and other botanical ingredients, natural fragrances are exactly as their name suggests, natural and toxin-free. They come straight from mother nature and that means there’s no nasties added and they’re cruelty free because there’s absolutely no testing on animals.

Typically, their ingredients lists are short and simple. But that doesn’t mean they’re boring.

Although synthetic fragrances often have memorable scents, the fragrance of a natural perfume is so much more than just a scent, providing many therapeutic benefits for the wearer as well as those around them and the many essential oils available means that there are endless possibilities of blending combinations available, meaning it is entirely possible to create a fragrance suited to either gender and guaranteed to ignite the senses.

For centuries, people have known that the simple act of inhaling natural fragrance throughout the day can help calm the mind and body. Science has proven that all essential oils have a high vibrational frequency, which could explain why they are so soothing.

Natural blends of essential oils create wonderful unisex, vegan fragrances that not only elevate mood and enlighten the senses, they’re also 100 per cent safe for human use and they’re kind to both animals and the environment.

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